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Jun 4, 2023
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Washington, D.C. area
I can use your help picking a theme (or themes) for my poker nights. If you are just curious to see what sets I have been working on, skip to the tables.

I have careened like a madman from one set to another. It's been fun, but I want to settle on a theme(s), finalize my chipsets, and direct energy and funds toward table toppers, room decorations, etc.

The theme should be fun for casual players looking for a break from work stresses. Food, music, and drinks should follow. I've tried to group the chipsets I have or am working on into themes. Yes, they are pretty cliche...I'm looking to appeal to casual players who want a place for friendship and an escape from work stresses and not esoteric references that only poker nerds will get. And maybe you can help me make them less cliche!

What theme do you like best below? I'm not sure if I can just stick to one theme. Part of me wants to have 2 or 3 themes and then rotate them for variety. Maybe loosely connect them (like with the word "House")?

What sets to keep, and what to trim? I have too many. I've colored in blue the sets I am particularly fond of (and would hurt the most to cut).

"Casa Grande"
Celebrate Latin America. I joined PCF to build the Casa Grande set. Did I have it right the first time? This theme nods to my heritage as well as my travels. Great music, food, and cocktails from throughout Latin America!
Project NameTypeStatusDescription
"Casa Grande"T25 TourneyCompletecustom Tina no mold ceramics
"Dia de Los Muertos"NLCompleteBR Pro stock
"Artemisa" (or other city with "A")NL or ?In disarrayA-mold relabel
"Ciudades"Seating and Dealer ButtonsInception / unannounced group buyCustom ceramics based on Latin American cities (e.g. Rio, Buenos Aires, etc.)

"Beat the House" or "Against the House"
Classic Casino theme. Classic lounge music and cocktails (think Sinatra and Martinis). The Harold's Club set in particular is versatile because I can tie it to the Hollywood and Latin America themes too.
Project NameTypeStatusDescription
"Beat the House"NLIn ProgressCasino house molds, some live
"Dunes High Roller"T100 or T500 Tourney setJust a possibility
"Casinos"Seating and Dealer ButtonsInception / unannounced group buyCustom ceramics based on Casinos
"Roulettes"Seating chips or Limit or Tourney?disarrayI have a bunch of roulettes. I love the mold. Not sure how to use them.
"Against the House" - Harold's ClubLimitIn ProgressUndenom H mold roulettes. Also ties nicely to "Hollywood" theme with movie "Five Against the House." Can also sneak it into Casa Grande night by saying the "HC" stands for "Havana Club."

"Ranch House?"
Old West inspired. Lean into the stereotypes! When I'm in Europe, I think this could go over well. BBQ food; beers and whiskey.
Project NameTypeStatusDescription
"Longhorn"NL + LimitIn ProgressThis is the historic Wolford set. HHRs.
"Nevada Jacks"LimitIn Progress
"Suits and Royals"Seating and Dealer buttonsIn ProgressCustom ceramic chips
"Lauren Belle"T10 Tourney (plays like a T1)Inception / unannounced group buyCustom set based on chips used in the movie "Maverick" during the tournament on the riverboat "Lauren Belle."

I can't think of a good name for this theme with "house" in it. Feel like I'm all over the place with chipsets here and I'd be all over the place with food and drinks and music. But I love having sets that are inspired by poker scenes in movies - especially if the players recognized the movies.
Project NameTypeStatusDescription
"Against the House" - Harold's ClubLimitIn ProgressRepeated from above. Fits here due to the perfectly named "Five Against the House" movie.
"Lauren Belle"T10 TourneyInception / unannounced group buyRepeated from above.
"20th Century Limited"5 card draw / other (not Hold 'em)In ProgressParanoid triangle chips as used in the poker game "The Sting" on the 20th Century Limited train. "20th Century" also happens to be one of my favorite cocktails!
"Rounders"AnyNot started. But I want them at some point.We all know these
Realizing I should have added links / photos...

"Casa Grande"
origination, completion

You know these, but here is a shot of my set in a case:

some flailing about here

Nothing mocked up yet

"Beat the House"
My proposed line up. I have about 4 racks so far.

"Dunes High Roller"
Would pick up from Apache

Nothing mocked up yet

My pile has grown since. :rolleyes:

"Against the House"
Waiting on these and these. I have some other H molds I might combine (no pics).

Project here. I'm still looking for worn HHR chips

"Nevada Jacks"
You know these

"Suits and Royals"
Group Buy is closed for new orders. I'm waiting on delivery.

"Lauren Belle"
Shots of the chips from screen grabs here. I'm thinking we could do a group buy on the Sunfly Ascona mold.

You know these

"20th Century Limited"
I've never posted on these. Here's my set. Still have dealer buttons to design and make.
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I was kinda serious. Simple, classy, high brow. Unless you’re a bunch of degenerates in which case…
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