SOLD 600 Fantastic Old Black ASM Chips + Briefcase (1 Viewer)

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Jun 14, 2022
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Georgia, USA
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I got these beatup, and I beat them up more! They were fantastic for casual limit games with 4 or 5 people. With cleaning and oiling yadda yadda I'm sure they would look nicer, but I've got no need for them anymore. I used the flash to show the difference between some of the chips but we never saw or cared about it. The chips in the separate justin rack are a different mold though, not sure what. All shuffle great and feel good, nothing special.

$65 shipped for 600 chips, no case. Probably medium flat rate, I'll pack them well.

IF you want the 500-chip case with it pictured, that'll be $80 + shipping. Shipping probably going to be pricier since its long and will be filled with chips, but we can talk about what makes sense. If you're in Jersey I'm driving up there in a week and would make it easier.

Itll be a dibs thread but I'd rather sell it all together, so any chip-only dibs will stand for a bit, then I'll sell them separate.

As always, make me an offer for a deal or trade. I have cash to add if you've got a solid pretty rack of chips, or cards.



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