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New Member FAQ
New Member Frequently Ask Questions

Why am I unable to post in the Classifieds and Auction sections?

New members must have a certain number of posts and days as a registered member before they are allowed to post in the Classifieds and Auction sections.

Reference: Community Guidelines
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What about "price check", "what are these worth", or "what is the best way to sell these" posts?
Due to the fact that these posts end up becoming a For Sale ad, we don't allow them until you have met the NMR.
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What does NMR stand for?

This stands for New Member Requirements. It is based on the number of posts you have made and the number of days you have been a registered member.

Reference: Community Guidelines
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How come I'm unable to reply to other member threads in the PCF Introductions and Check-Ins section?
"Hi, I'm new too" and "Welcome!" posts got out of control among new members. New members can only reply to their own Intro thread until the NML is reached.
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What counts as a post?
Any reply you make to an existing thread and any new thread you create. Remember that you must meet BOTH the number of posts and the days registered, so there is no need to pad your post count.
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What is Post Padding?

This is when a member makes a post only to increase their post count. These types of posts are NOT permitted and will be removed. They include but are not limited to:

  • posts with very few words (ex: "looks great", " nice chips", "good info")
  • posts that are irrelevant or add no value to the discussion.
  • posts made in a very short amount of time, typically one after another.
  • quoting and/or replying to posts in the same thread one after another. There are multi-quote and edit buttons. Please use them.
  • saying you are posting messages just to get your post count up (yes, people do this)
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I have met the NMR, but why am I still unable to post in the Classifieds?
Account upgrades are done automatically at a set schedule. It can take up to one hour to gain the ability to make posts in the Classifieds as long as you have met the NMR. (one registered day is 24hrs from the time you registered)
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General FAQ
General Frequently Ask Questions

How can I give or receive feedback for a deal that I did outside of the Classifieds? (ex: via private messages)

Transactions done outside of the Classifieds and Auction section do not qualify to use the feedback system.

Reference: Community Guidelines
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What does the "Sitting Out" mean under my username?

These are user titles that are based on your post count. Below is the User Title ladder.

  • 0 - New Member
  • 5 - Waiting List
  • 10 - Sitting Out
  • 50 - High Hand
  • 100 - Pair
  • 250 - 2 Pair
  • 500 - 3 of a Kind
  • 750 - Straight
  • 1000 - Flush
  • 2500 - Full House
  • 5000 - 4 of a Kind
  • 7500 - Straight Flush
  • 10,000 - Royal Flush
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How do I figure out what all these acronyms and terms mean? Ex: PNY, HS, BCC, etc.?
Check out the PCF Glossy in the Resources section, which covers many of these.
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I have a question about using the site. Who can I contact and how?
For site support, I recommend posting your questions in the PCF Site Help and Feedback forum. Threads in this section are only visible to Admins and Moderators. You can also send a private message to an Admin or Moderator, or use the Contact Us form.
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How can I become a Supporting Member?
First, thank you for considering supporting PCF. You can upgrade your account by clicking Links -> Account upgrades or click on your avatar/username at the top of the page, then Account upgrades.
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What are the differences between Supporting Member Plus and Site Vendor account upgrades?

Supporting Member Plus

  • Includes everything from the Supporting Member upgrade
  • Adds 5 additional PM/Conversation folders (15 total)
  • Ability to create threads in the Deals & Offers forum
  • May still use the Auction section but your For Sale, Services offered, and advertising must be posted in the Deals and Offers forum
  • Supporting Member Plus badge

Site Vendor

  • Includes dedicated vendor forum
  • Includes a 215 x 35 pixel banner and a text link to your website or eBay store displayed on the PCF home page
  • Ability to stick/unstick and open/close threads in your vendor forum
  • Unlimited edit time for your thread titles and posts in your vendor forum
  • Adds 15 additional PM/Conversation folders (20 total)
  • May still use the Auction section but your For Sale, Services offered, and advertising must be posted your vendor forum.
  • Site Vendor badge
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Poker Chip Forum Info
Information about Poker Chip Forum

About Poker Chip Forum

Founded in March 2013, Poker Chip Forum (PCF) is a community of high-end poker chip enthusiasts and avid poker players. Many of us have become close friends by attending meet-ups throughout the year. PCF offers its members many great features such as:

If you are not already a member, register today!

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About Poker Chip Forum Giveaways

PCF giveaways are made possible by the community. Whatever the site earns from vendors, supporting members, and advertisements helps to maintain and upgrade the software and hardware that runs PCF and add new features. When there are funds left over, it goes back to the members in the form of site giveaways and sponsoring member meetups.

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Supporting Poker Chip Forum

PCF operates as a non-profit site. We are supported by advertisements, affiliate links, site vendors, and supporting members. Members can help support PCF in the following ways:

  • If you are not a Supporting Member and run an ad blocker, please consider disabling it while viewing our site (or add our website to your ad blocker's whitelist). We don't have any annoying popup ads and only show 1-2 ads per page to registered members.
  • Referring a friend is another great way to support the site. More Members = More Traffic = Increased Ad Revenue = More Awesome Giveaways. REPEAT!
  • If you are someone who wants to sell/advertise products and services, becoming a Site Vendor or Supporting Member Plus is a great way to support the site.
  • Become a Supporting Member and get some extra features at the same time.

I sincerely appreciate all of the past and current Supporting Members and Site Vendors. Thank you!

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