Old time Chip Talk folks help me find images a set of custom from back in the day. (1 Viewer)


Nov 14, 2014
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Washington, DC
The return of the legendary @machinelf has rekindled my desire to find an image of a custom ASM set from back in the Chip Talk days. I believe the set was called "The Grove", though I could be wrong, but I really think it was that. The set had 4 or 5 denoms (cash I think), I'm pretty sure it was from the time when all spot patterns had been opened up. The inlay featured a vintage drawing/picture of a fruit, a different one on each chip (plum, apple, etc.). Vaguely fruit crate style. I have the user as being Blackclay, who doesn't appear to have transitioned to PCF (unless they are under a different name here). For some reason I thought he/she was from West Virginia but I'm not sure why I think that.

Initial discussion from 2015:

IIRC the art, typeface, and vibe was very similar to the Old Orchard set Mr. Elf designed, though he confirms he never designed the set I'm describing in spite of what I wrote 9 years ago.

The Orchard ASM chips Machinelf design.png
That's it! Thank you so much!

Do you know who designed it?
I don't, unfortunately. That's lost to my Swiss cheese-like memory and the blue void. You say "Blackclay" in your OP and that name does ring a bell, but I'm not certain if they were the ones who made the Grove chips or not.

[EDIT] OR WAIT!!! My habit of hanging on to otherwise useless email has paid off for once. I have an old CT private message notice about paying for these with blackclay! There was a question about the thin ring as part of his design in that exchange as well. Original user and source of these chips confirmed, I'd say.
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