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Jan 20, 2020
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Kenosha, Wisconsin
Hello all!

After 8 years living in my wife's condo, adding 3 kiddos along the way, we finally moved into a home of our own. most of my stuff was in totes tucked away for that whole time, including all my poker stuff, new and old. I have commandeered the basement for myself and have hosetd more in the last 3 months than I had in the previous 8 years. With another game on the books for January, it's about time I start setting things in stone. First and foremost: My room needs a name!

A few things that could lend a unique feel to things:
- We live in a neighborhood called Forest Park (It's a real forest! See below)
- We have over a dozen 200-300 year old oak trees on our property
- Because of the numerous trees in our yard and neighborhood, we have lots of wildlife wandering around our yard, including a plethora of squirrels
- Our home is in the American Colonial style. It'll be blue once we get our painters here in the spring. Our front doors will be yellow (Go Brewers!)
- Our neighbors call our house "The Big House" (Admittedly, this isn't my favorite description of our house, but under the right circumstances, I might be open to incorporating it)
- I've always liked tall, wild type grasses, and the house already had some planted when we moved in. I'll be adding more of this over time, maybe even using it as a natural fence
- We started playing every Thursday night at my parent's house almost 25 years ago. Their address # was 1012
- Our current address # is 6740
- I have a sign above the door to the basement read's "Ben's Den" which was given to me by my grandparents when I was born
- The previous owners loved flagstone and used it for the retaining wall flanking the driveway and at the front of the yard, as well as for borders to the gardens around the property.
- Puns are always a plus

I've had a few ideas rolling around in my head, but nothing that has grabbed me enough to run with it. That's why I'm turning to you fine folks! If you've got something you think I should consider, let it loose below. If you want more info, or if pictures would be helpful, let me know. Thanks in advance!
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I really like Forest Park a lot also.

Flagstone seems very official and kinda cool as well.

As a Brewers fan you could incorporate some Oktoberfest references into it if you wanted. If your a Packer fan you could create “The Big Cheese” poker room instead of The Big House.
I love Forest Park. If it is your first choice, then don't talk yourself out of it. I live in a Forest * neighborhood and am now having thoughts :D
A couple reference photos, just for fun, because I never owned a home of my own before 6 months ago and it makes me happy every time I see these

A couple reference photos, just for fun, because I never owned a home of my own before 6 months ago and it makes me happy every time I see these
View attachment 1244255
View attachment 1244256

Nice house, Congratulations

The Old Oaks would work. Jealous of your great trees I hope they are healthy. the roots must go everywhere.
in Canada that would be worth 3 to 6 Million+ depending where its located/features. Hopefully you got a much better deal than our inflated market here. Today I could not afford my current house as it has appreciated over 4x my purchase price 12 years ago, I'd be homeless renting if I didn't own already.
I chose my favorite "vice" or "deadly sin"
Resulting in....

"The Sloth Club"
Which, has very little to do with the animal, it's more metaphorical.

It would provide for a lot of great color combos! Looks like hot pink and sherbet green to me. I might get some questions about the regionality though……
Wonderful home! Congratulations, friend, looks great.

I dont like "The Big House" because that means jail around here, all the others are striking depending on what theme you want. I like the world Flagstone!
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First of all, congrats on the new house!
  • I like "Forest Park."
  • I like much more "The Roots" (points to @SeanGecko)! It ties into the oak trees on property plus the fact the poker room is in the basement - those in the know will know.
  • I agree that "Old Oaks" and "Ancient Oaks" makes me think of a retirement home or cemetery. Thumbs down for me.
  • Not sure why people are hating on "The Big House." It sounds even better in Spanish: "Casa Grande." ;)
  • A bit out of left field: "Joyous Leaves." Your love of "tall grasses" made me think of Walt Whitman's masterpiece Leaves of Grass. That made me think of his unpublished folio "Live Oak with Moss." I love this line from from "I Saw in Louisiana a Live Oak Growing":
    • For all that, and though the live-oak glistens there in Louisiana
      solitary in a wide flat space,
      Uttering joyous leaves all its life without a friend a lover near,
      I know very well I could not.
Anyway, a bit of a long walk, but it is a nice walk. You could play on the Walt Whitman/Leaves of Grass theme in the room. "Joyous Leaves" ties back to the Oaks, the Forest, and the grasses without being too on the nose. And the word "joyous" would also reflect on your familial happiness in your new home and community. Would be even better if you lived in Louisiana!

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