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Nov 2, 2014
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Babies mean prizes!

As some of you may've caught me celebrating on the forums, I have two kids.

What could be better..?

No kids, right?!?!

Bzzzztttt! Wrong answer! The correct response is "three kids"! Or "even more!!!"

We are expecting our third little miracle (cf. Hicks, B.) and first happy accident at some point in the not-so-distant future.



Well, you don't get to decide but to celebrate I'm offering PCFers a chance to guess and win some Black Cat chips (Inc new MD-50 set providing I can get it made) and other items...

How do I enter?

You can partake in the following ways:
  1. Guess the date and time
  2. Nominate a name for a girl
  3. Nominate a name for a boy

How can I win?

  1. PCFer with closest date/time wins a sample set plus other goodies
  2. PCFer who nominates a name selected as a first name for baby accident wins a sample set plus other goodies
  3. PCFer who nominates a name used as a middle name wins three BC chips of their choice
  4. If you somehow get the date and time bang on (hour and minutes) we'll work out something special
  5. Booby prize of a single chip for most hated boy's name
  6. Booby prize of a single chip for most hated girl's name
Prizes include tourney chips:


...and chips from an MD-50 set as yet unborn:


Who can enter?

This guessaway is open to PCF members with 299 posts or more. Don't have 299 posts? No probs, we'll keep the competition open until 31st October 11.59pm EST.

What are the rules?
  1. Open to PCF members with 300+ posts
  2. Each member submits their guesses/nominations within this thread for:
    a) Date
    b) Time
    c) Girl's name
    d) Boy's name
  3. All guesses/nominations must be submitted within the same post
  4. Please no post edits. If you do, so help you gods
  5. Results will be announced on or around... Hey, wait a minute: too easy!
  6. If you guess something that someone else has already guessed, I will ask you to guess again
  7. Looking ahead, the final name decisions will be made by me and my wife, not by a jbutler poll
  8. We reserve the right to go with our own name(s) if we don't like yours, e.g. Dickbutter etc.
  9. Term applies
  10. You cannot win a baby

But this is hard!

For fans of treasure hunts and people who live by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, I've squirrelled a few clues around the place to help you stumble in on an accurate date for delivery.

You should also be able to establish my existing sprogs' labels to help inform name choices from other posts on the forum.

If you can't be arsed chasing crumbs, take a punt anyways!

I'd give you a year to work with but that'd narrow it down too much maybe ;)

Black Cat Club tourney gallery
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Can I nominate a girls name? I'm gonna go with...April. Also April for the month of birth, the 12th at 2:40am
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I don't have enough posts yet, but I will eventually. Especially if I just spam the heck out of this thread.

SO my suggestions are:

January 11th , at 11:11pm

regardless of sex, I'm suggesting the name ellased

a. March 28th 2016
b. 1.00 am
c. Vanessa
d. Doyle

Thanks for the contest. Awesome and congrats.
- Winters are cold and dank over there -- the kid's not going to want to come out. 2 February 2016 (Ground Hog Day), at 13:13 UCT.

- Girl: Hepzibah.

- Boy: Aloysius.

Congratulations -- the third times the charm! :cool:
I don't have enough posts yet, but I will eventually. Especially if I just spam the heck out of this thread.


I think that Mike not having 300 posts was maybe the most shocking thing I heard in this thread.

Congrats Toby. I've heard after three you might as well just keep going (if you want) because you're already outnumbered.

If I can get busy, not like Toby, I might be able to enter.
boy: egypt
girl: peaches

Ah, obviously for Peaches Bartkowicz, the English tennis player immortalized by Monty Python. I like it!

And I remember the dancer Little Egypt, but that was a she. This boy could be facing both gender criticism and political ostracization...
Congrats, Toby!

3 February, 2016
boy: Ardbeg
girl: Dalwhinnie
Ummm, Mike, they've already had the sex -- that's why they're having the kid.

Sheesh. Republicans.

You don't know that they've had the sex. It's possible she had the sex and not him. Or that it happened by some other means.

I'm not republican. I'm Canadian.

I think that Mike not having 300 posts was maybe the most shocking thing I heard in this thread.
Wait, does that mean I type so much that it just seems like I must have posted more than I have?

December 25, 2015
3:26 a.m. (gosh, Santa's going to be AWFULLY busy!)
Girl name: Rhiannon
Boy name: Braxton

Thanks for the contest Toby, and congrats! For the record, I'm pretty sure your younger daughter's name isn't posted anywhere on CT or PCF. ;)
My pledge to all of you:

If it's transgender, everybody wins!
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Some solid booby prize contenders already! :D
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I think I misread the clue

I think you did too! ;)

The clue appears twice in the op, one visible to the naked to the eye, the other not immediately... HTML detectives may pick up on the second one

Some of you have read it right!

And @stocky - no sweat: you and @courage get a free MD-50 sample set for designing a chip's color/spots that made the final line up anyway! :)
I've managed to give birth to more multipost fails than I have children. Outstanding!
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