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Royal Flush
Jun 8, 2015
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N Indiana, USA
For the seventh (of ten) "PCF's Favorite" cash casino chip contest, it is time for the $.50 chips to shine. (The last three contests will be $100, $5000+, then $5, probably in that order.)

Fracs! I love fracs. I need nominations for your favorite 50 cent / $.50 chips please. The more photos you provide, the better. (If you can't find a photo, learn how to use chipguide.)

A valid chip for this contest must have been an actual cash chip, used in a casino of the same name on the chip. Fantasy and custom chips are excluded.

You may nominate 1-3 chips. There are people who regularly spam my nomination posts with 6-8 chips or more, and I usually just pick the best 1-3 chips that have a chance of winning a few votes, then I ignore the rest.

I'll nominate a few to get things started.

El Cortez 50c small crown
el cortez a.jpgel cortez b.jpg

Miccosukee (FL)
FL 16617.jpg

Artichoke Peanut House (NV)
artichoke peanut a.jpg

California Club (CA)
california club a.jpg

Tropicana (NV)
tropicana a.jpg
Solid chips so far. Nice! I almost nominated all of them except for the Joker Wild.
Always liked this subtle 418 between the colors and shaped inlay:

Edit - These are sweet too; wish I found a use for them:
Yeah, that Grand Vic frac always spoke to me.

And those Choctaws -- don't recall ever seeing that spot pattern on a hotstamped chip before.
Care to make a bet that that's the majority opinion in PCF?
Who in the hell cares??? How many guys are actually using 5K chips in a cash game, yet we vote on them because most of us like to look at cool chips. I’ve never used a snapper in a game, and most likely never will, but I’ll sure as heck look at a snapper poll to see the best of the best.

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