Giveaway Guess when it melts. Win some Rosie's chips and more! (1 Viewer)

7 days Joe....sucker bet :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

It's Colorado & 8000ft...not Vegas ;) that heap of ice is going to GROW first
To answer both questions

1 only snow in wagon
2. It’s possible that some areas never melt. Big mounds in full shade. Also. Don’t be sure about anything it is either sunny and warm or blizzard :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
You know I'm going to have to go for 4/20, Bob.

Also, I can probably help send a few Tree House your way next time I make a trek.
Believe I meet the requirement, I did win a recent event with several PCF folks and I hope I am over 2500 posts.

May 15th, which sucks for you ;)


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If I post my guess 352 times, will you count the 352nd as my official guess with 2500 posts?

Just kidding! Love the giveaway!

I have my personal guess I’ll check against the ultimate win just for fun!!
Lot's of people taking birthdays. Next one in my family is May, and I don't see this lasting quite that long.

After consulting with 3 weather websites, one ski resort owner, a shaman, and Daniel Negreanu, we have determined that 53 degrees and rain is going to wash away the last remnants of ice in that wagon on...

April 22nd!

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