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Jul 27, 2023
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Redone part two in this separate thread so I am able to make edits. If you need part 1 click here

Photo Credit @LowerBama1714
back  profile 1 91240.jpeg
s-l1600 (3).jpg

Now depending on your particular serial number we can kind of see settle differences between the machines. @LowerBama1714 serial number is about 2000 machines behind mine. So we can guess going off my original manufacture date that his could of been done a year or two after mine.
My DM1 was manufactured FEB 2008 but was re-manufactured in 2018 10 years later.

Label Side profile .jpg

A This roller are the pair of aluminum rollers in the back of the machine the purple arrow in the diagram above. The older machines have a belt connected with ABC and G. However, I guess they have decided to move away from this and not use A anymore. On my remanufactured model they don't even have the gear outside anymore the rod itself is capped off.

The B and C gears are for the Red and Blue arrowed rollers

D is for the of rollers under the green arrow the last rollers they cards see before entering the elevator.

These roller are connected to G which is a pair of servo motors


You would think these belts would run down but I haven't had an issue with mine yet but if you need to change them out @Buge has replaced his from I don't know the sizes so maybe he might fill us in on his order.

E is a PhotoEletric Sensor made by a company called Baumer. I'm not entirely sure how this thing works but it emits a red light which I think it measures the reflection of lights off the cards and will calibrate the grippers accordingly.

F is the gripper brackets the upper portion have plastic pieces with grooves in them. When the gripper engages the deck it creates a small gap inbetween several cards and a card is slid into the gaps. The bottom of the bracket is another belt systems connected to a servo motor that brings the grippers in and out.

Side profile 1 91240.jpeg

I think the best way to describe this side of the machine would be follow the numbers. On the bottom of the machine it's labeled 1-13 on this side and 14-29 on the other. All of these are the peripherals of the machine.

1 is connected a separate board that then is connected to the roller attached to that long belt that runs the elevator up and down. I think this is some kind of precise sensor knowing exactly how far up and down the elevator is.

2 Self explanatory it's a power cable to power the mother board.

3 this is another hall sensor to tell where the gripper is. Pretty much the exact same as sensor 9 which is to the door sensor but with a shorter cable.

4 this sensor detects if there is a card in the elevator. The elevator is a moving platform that holds the cards. This creates a hotspot for this cable to fail. As we learned from @LowerBama1714 this was a cheap fix replacing the wire.

5, 6,7, and 8 are part of the harness cable that lead to sensors or IR light of some sort.

9 Door sensor in this picture below it's missing the LED.

10* will update later when I have the machine in front of me.

11/12 is not used here

13 This sensor is the The Reflective Card Drop sensor that has been replaced with Look-Thru Card Drop Sensor. Serial numbers 104653 and up will be fitted with the updated part. Since Mine was remanufactured it was upgraded to the new type of sensor. The one pictured above in the side profile you can see the old sensor and can be retrofitted with the new one. This kit should have everything to complete the upgrade..

The Update Kit (‘DU1178-KIT’)


The top light that is red is the update sensor for this side.

s-l1600 (5).jpg

The bottom part of the boxes houses the mother board


If you notice the slots on the mother board it has slots that have individuals cards that plug into them. I believe it's in charge of the software, random number generator, and I'm out of guesses for the other board. Any other savy people feel free to chime in.


Pictures of the three boards that were connected to the mother board.


Here is how all three boards sat on the mother board. Notice all the Styrofoam pieces all over the place. It was all in the machine with some dust. It is always a good idea to inspect this area and blow out any debris. We are trying to keep these machines running another 20 years.

Here is a parts list for the DM1 There are some things with measurements so it made it easier to order from elsewhere

P1204 QTY 6 SHCS, 2.56 X 3/16
E1456 QTY 1 Display, Miniature VF (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
DU1022 QTY 1 Lens
DU1044 QTY 1 Spring, Door, LH
P1705 QTY 2 Pin, Dowel 1/8 X 1
DU1020 QTY 1 Plate, Top Poker
DU1056 QTY 1 Switch Assembly, Red EAO 84-8511.2640
DU1055 QTY1 Switch Assembly, Green EAO 84-8511.5640
P1148 QTY 1 Tie Down 3 1/4
P1729 QTY 2 Bushing, 1/8 ID, 1/4 OD, 1/4 LG
DU1045 QTY 1 Spring, Door, RH
DU1007 QTY 1 Door, Poker
DU1037 QTY1 Block, Top Plate Mounting RH
P1192 QTY 4 SHCS, 8-32 X 1/2
DU1052-02 QTY 1 Switch Assembly, HE, Door Closed (Door Sensor)
P1710 QTY 2 Bumper, Dome Top 1/4 X 1/16
E1098 QTY 1 Magnet, .040 X .080 X .200
DU1036 QTY 1 Block, Top Plate Mounting LH Poker
DU1082-02 QTY 2 Soundcoat, Door
E1057 QTY 1 Connector, CW IND #CWR-227-10.0203
DU1154 QTY 1 Gripper

I will continue to make edits to these guides as I reread them later on and find corrections or add additional information. Hopefully this is enough information to help you make a sound decision when purchasing or owning a deckmate 1.
Any idea whereI can find a Shufflemaster DM 2 manual?
If anyone needs help replacing belts let me know. I replaced all except for the gripper belt. My machine seems older and the belts were a little dry rotted. They still worked fine but it bothered me for some unknown reason.

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