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Sep 20, 2017
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I haven't done a giveaway in quite a while and decided the time is to do one now.

Well there is no such thing as an Endless Summer as all seasons must come to an end and this Summer has been a Super HOT one. To celebrate the end of summer and the return to school I will do an end of summer Giveaway. The signup can begin right away and will close on Friday September 1st, 2023(Labor Day W/E) at 8PM. The drawing will be done some time on Labor Day September 4th or the week of. I will do a randomizer to choose the top 4 people and do a seven card stud hand to determine who is the final winner. The rules to be eligible is you must have 500 Messages/Posts or more by the time the sign up closes. If you don't have enough posts right now get to posting ASAP. I will be willing to ship to anywhere, but the person who wins will need to Pay Actual Shipping to their location. If you are outside of the US a US shipper would be preferred, but not necessary. To Enter please post in your Response "One Crazy Summer".

Bonus- The first person to answer this Trivia question will get 3 extra name entries into the randomizer on top of their original entry. Some people will know from my post what this question refers to and others may not. Question- What are Egg and Clay's last name?

The Prize - One Sealed Unopened COPAG WSOP Poker Size Jumbo Index setup which comes with a super nice storage case which is in the second picture. I have a setup myself and love it so I decided to give one away.
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