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Sep 20, 2017
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New Jersey
A first it's kind giveaway for me. I have this 49MM (2") WPA Chipco Final Table Dealer Button that I will give away. The rules of this giveaway is you must be a female member of the PCF who is actually on the PCF. You cannot enter for your wife or GF. To be eligible the entrant must have at least 5 posts and be a female member on here and be a member before 2024. I will take all the entrants and choose the top 4 via randomizer. They will play some soft of seven card hand to win the button. I will ship in the US and if you are international you will need to pay shipping to your location. I'll close the sign up next Friday February 10th 8PM EST. To Enter just type IN somewhere on your post.
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Hi everyone I’ll run the seven card hands soon. I have the names of all the entrants @Mrs Poker Zombie @FordPickup92 @liftapint @abby99 @travelgirl @Wifey . We have 6 persons so everyone will play to see who wins. I know I originally said top 4, but I decided everyone is in. I'll do it soon I promise I just have a lot of stuff going on with my Family at the moment.
It was a good game and I was very impressed
with the SF QB and their defense throughout the entire game. Last part of game was stressful and our damn streaming by service started buffering right before the last play. I swear that happened last time too. But I caught it on the replay. Usually not much into football, but enjoyed watching the game and had to root for KC because our daughter lives there!

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