Giveaway Giveaway for the Women of the PCF (1 Viewer)

Hi everyone the 7 Card Stud hands were run. Results will be posted in a few minutes.
Hello entrants. The Seven Card Stud hands were run and I for sure thought @FordPickup92 was going to win as four of her first five cards were Clubs, but another one never came. @abby99 got two pair in her first five cards, but could not get another Jack or 10. @liftapint started out strong with 2 queens and face cards, but her last cards were stinkers. @travelgirl and @Wifey could only get 4's and 3's. Congrats to @Mrs Poker Zombie who had the best hand Aces and 8s. I was kind of glad to be honest that she won because I had a deadline and no one else had signed up by the original deadline so I extended it so we could have a full field. Mrs Poker Zombie I could of said no one else signed up and gave her the prize, but I wanted to have some sort of competition for it. Now she won it fair and square.

@Mrs Poker Zombie PM me with your address and I'll get the button out to you

The best 5 card are laid out and the two throw away cards are on the top or bottom of each person's hand.

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