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I ran the mini Tourney to see who would Get prized #9 and #10. Congrats to @NotRealNameNoSir and @ChipFinderSK for coming in the prize pool. I really thought @VMR911 was solid with his K until @ChipFinderSK pulled out everything he had to get an A.

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I have drawn five cards, and gotten a 2, 5, 7, 8 and 9. And somehow survived three rounds! Either I'm due for some big cards, or my luck is about to run out.

Maybe both.
Hi everyone the Elite 8 Bracket round was won. WOW a lot of low cards came out for everyone except for the South Region. In the East Reqion #1 @detroitdad moves on with a 5 to the 2 of #7 @Bacon Dad . In the West #1 @k9dr moves on with a 7 to the 3 of #2 @LeLe. In the South The #8 Seed @MarquetteMonkey monkey needed a K to fend off #6 @Benjaminotaur who pulled out a J. In the Midwest #2 @Himewad eliminates the #1 Seed @Poker Zombie with a lowly score of 4 to 3. The winners will go to the final four and be eligible for prizes 1-4. I'll run the matchups to determine prize winners 5-8. The Final four will be run over the weekend.

This is the run Marquette's men's BB should have gone on, and I'm here for it @MarquetteMonkey!!
Amen! I was at the sweet 16 game in Dallas that ended in heartbreak. Was a special team that could have made the final four.

My favorite and most depressing stat I read after that game - over the course of the 2024 season, there were 1,331 times a division 1 men’s basketball team attempted 30 or more 3 pointers in a game. All instances but one saw a greater shooting percentage than what MU shot against NC State. Wide open looks that we normally make. NC State’s miracle run continues as a result.
Hi everyone the Final Four matches were ran #1 @k9dr faced off against #1 @detroitdad in a battle of the Heavyweights. Detroit Dad could only muster a 2 while k9dr easily cruised to victory with an 8. In the other bracket I thought #8 @MarquetteMonkey was going to continue his magical run and win with a J, but then #2 @Himewad pulls out a Q for the victory. The championship match will be run on Monday.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a NATIONAL CHAMPION. Congrats to #1 Seed @k9dr for winning the National Championship. #2 @Himewad put up a good fight with a Q, but the #1 Seed @k9dr took the bite out of Himewad and put him down with an A. This was great tournament. Thanks to all who participated.

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Hello prize winners. Congratulations in placing in the tournament. For the Prizes #1 @k9dr will choose a prize first, then #2 @Himewad, #3 @MarquetteMonkey , etc.... . Once a prize is taken I will mark it taken and who took it. We will go until all the prizes are taken. Once you have chosen your prize put in this thread which prize you want and PM me with the prize you have taken and your address and I will give you a shipping quote.

Please see post #2 to see the prizes being awarded.

Order to pick the Prizes
#1 @k9dr - #9 Copag Master Bridge
#2 @Himewad #3 GNR DB
#3 @MarquetteMonkey #5 White Plaque
#4 @detroitdad #8 Copag WSOP
#5 @Bacon Dad #6 Black Plaque
#6 @LeLe #7 Bee WPT
#7 @Poker Zombie #1 Summer Wave
#8 @Benjaminotaur #2 Donkey Busters
#9 @ChipFinderSK #10 Pan AM
#10 @NotRealNameNoSir #4 EVH
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Hi Everyone - Update 04/08/2024 - These are the 10 Prizes that will be Given away below. All DBs will be 60MM.
Taken @Poker Zombie
Taken @Benjaminotaur
Taken Himewad


5. White All In Plaque. These are some of my Favorite Poker accessories these All-In Plaques. Taken @MarquetteMonkey

6. Black All In Plaque. These are some of my Favorite Poker accessories these All-In Plaques. Taken @Bacon Dad

7. Bee WPT Two Deck Set and Official WPT Poker Rules Book. (Please Note the WPT Decks are NOT Plastic.) Taken @LeLe

8. 2023 Copag WSOP used Desk. Bridge Size Jumbo Index. These were used during the WSOP, but the Deck you will get was never used by me so they would be new from me. Taken @detroitdad

9. Copag Master Bridge Size Super Index. These are one of my Favorite Decks. TAKEN @k9dr

10. This is a PAN AM Retro button I am having made by BR PRO POKER. Should have them in a few weeks. The color of the proof when I paste it on here comes out awkward when posting on the PCF,. The colors in reality will be closer to the actual real life logo and not so blue.

Taken @ChipFinderSK

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