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Sep 20, 2017
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Hi everyone - The 2023 PCF March DB Madness High Card Tournament is here.

This tournament will be run like the NCAA March Madness Tournament Brackets. There are 68 teams that make the Tournament with 4 Play in games that determine the Final 64 Teams in the Tournament. In the DB March Madness Tournament I will allow 68 entrants in the tournament with 4 Play in Games for the 8 lowest seeded entrants so we can get to 64. Entrants like before will get their seed by the number of posts they have on the PCF. The higher the number posts you have the higher number the seed. This will be a High Card Tournament which the person with the Highest Card moves onto the next round. In the first round Seeds #1 - Seed #8 will get an extra card to their opponents 1 card. So seeds #9-#16 will only get one card while Seeds #1-#8 will get two cards. Out of all the cards whoever has the highest card moves on. In the second round the remaining entrants Seeded#1 - Seed #4 will still get an extra card and anyone seeded lower than #4 will only get one card. In the Sweet 16 and further rounds everyone will only get one card. If more than 68 People sign up I will run a Randomizer and the first 68 People in the list will be the people in the tournament. I will then go through and seed everyone.

Here are the signup requirements. You must have at least 25 Posts on the PCF to be eligible to enter. To Sign up you must Post "March Madness 2023". Sign ups will start tomorrow at 8AM EST (02/24/2023). If you enter before the time posted it will not be considered an entry. The actual NCAA Selection Sunday for the real NCAA Tournament will be on Sunday March 12th. I will close out signups for this on Sunday March 12th 8AM EST. The 2023 DB Madness Tournament will run and coincide with the NCAA Tournament and will be finished before the NCAA Tournament ends.

Prizes - There will be 10 Prizes awarded in this contest. We will play until there is a National Champion. The National Champion will be Winner #1 and get to choose the first prize and the runner up will choose the second prize. There will be games to decided Prizes #3 and #4 and then a game for Prizes #5 and #6, Prizes #7 and #8, and finally #9 and #10. Winners will pay actual shipping for prizes. I would prefer those with US Shipping addresses, but would ship to anywhere as long as buyer pays for actual shipping.

I will collect the post counts after they signup ends as some may have posts between now and then to get them a higher seed.

Here is how my Blank Bracket Sheet looks like.

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2023 Dealer Button Madness Prizes

Here are the 10 Prizes going to be awarded for the MM DB 2023 Tournament.

1. Hoyle FDL 100% Plastic Bridge Standard Index Playing. The Deck was opened to see and feel the cards and it was never used. To my eyes the index is slightly larger than Standard, but not Jumbo for sure.

2. 60 MM Horror Button Dealer Button Set

3. 60MM US Military Dealer Button Set.

4. 60MM Super Hero Dealer Button Set

5. 47MM Horror Card Capper set

6. 60MM NY Baseball Inspired Dealer Button Set

7. 60MM NY Rangers Inspired Omaha and Hold 'Em Dealer Button Set

8. 60MM Electricity Kills Dealer Button

9. 60MM Sports Ball Dealer Button Set.
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10. World Poker Tour Clock. The Clock was in my Man Cave on the wall, but doesn't fit what I have any longer and it still works today. The Shipping on this might be a little more since it is larger. From end to end left to right it is 14".
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Just to clarify, are we posting a comment on this thread or making a new post to be entered?
Sign ups will start tomorrow at 8AM EST. You can post in this thread March Madness 2023 and you will be entered with a chance to be in this tournament. Out of all the entrants 68 people will have a chance to be in the Tournament.
Sign ups will start tomorrow at 8AM EST. You can post in this thread March Madness 2023 and you will be entered with a chance to be in this tournament. Out of all the entrants 68 people will have a chance to be in the Tournament.
Got it, thanks. This is an awesome format and giveaway. Hopefully me and my UConn huskies both win March Madness this year lol

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