Giveaway Jpietrella Giveaway #9: LFG Karma 2024 Part 7 (1 Viewer)


4 of a Kind
Sep 17, 2020
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Boston, MA
I made a 2024 resolution to reduce negativity and to put more positivity out into the world. While I'm not sure I can commit to the first half of that resolution, I can definitely actively contribute to the latter half. Though I refuse to contribute funds to be a Supporting Member or Supporting Plus Member, I do want to contribute to members more directly - thus, this giveaway.

I'll be doing a new (and modest) giveaway every week starting 1/16 through the first week of Spring 2024. I'll do my best to post each of these giveaways on or before Wednesday each week, entries will close by Saturday evening and I'll randomly select (likely using Excel) 6 members from all the entries that same night. On Sunday each week, I will run a single hand of Texas Hold'em to determine the winner out of the random 6 members. Winning a previous LFG Karma 2024 Giveaway does not preclude you from winning any subsequent giveaways.

LFG 2024 Karma Part 1 Giveaway winner: @Mrs Poker Zombie
LFG 2024 Karma Part 2 Giveaway winner: @LeLe
LFG 2024 Karma Part 3 Giveaway winner: @JDPoker
LFG 2024 Karma Part 4 Giveaway winner: @davesilver88
LFG 2024 Karma Part 5 Giveaway winner: @Nanook
LFG 2024 Karma Part 6 Giveaway winner: @krafticus

I will cover shipping anywhere in the US to the winner and will ship internationally for cost to winner and will include up to a $10 shipping credit towards that cost.

In order to be entered into each giveaway, you must:
  1. Like this post (Like, Love, Wow, Cool, Haha, Sad, Angry are all welcomed)
  2. Post "LFG Karma"

LFG 2024 Karma Part 7 Giveaway

Just some fun fracs! It's totally by accident that most of them are orange-ish. The Palomar is an absolute bike tire, Casino Club TRK appears excellent+, the HP frac is kind of rounded and the other 2 chips are used but all stand on edge. Entries will close Saturday evening - good luck!


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