PCF NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge 2023! (1 Viewer)

Let's Go Canes!!! $20 IPA was good.

I figured the Devils would pay us back today, but I didn't expect it like that.

Season 3 Wow GIF by The Office
Yeah FL has a strong team and just knocked off Boston. They are in full STEAMROLL mode right now.
No doubt. I'm rooting for them. They have a very fun team and Bob is playing great. Shout out to Lyon though, without his stellar play in the last 15-20 they don't squeak into the playoffs.
Been there man. I was sweating it more than usual because I'll be at 2 of my kids' graduation on Saturday and knew I'd hear a score before watching the dvr. Heck of a game from both teams.
"Powerhouse" I like it. Not sure they are there yet.

Leafs got screwed on their 2nd goal not called, but I get it that couldn't really synch up the whistle with the replay. It was a goal IMO though. I want this series to go to 7 and not sure who I want the Canes to play [yet]. FLA is so hot though. Glad they took out Boston as that was my main concern originally. Now probably FLA. Watching 3 Staals on the ice is awesome though and I love Paul Maurice who coached the Canes.
ok, 3 Staals up next. Do their parents just root for 2 vs 1?
It says there are 16 entries. I wasn't able to delete or edit the bracket I started on my phone. I renamed it "No Action" and it IS NOT my entry. I created a second bracket named "Wedge Rock" that is my entry.

So even though it shows 16 entries, the real number right now is 15 entries.
When it comes time to pay up, send me a PM (which will forward.to.my email).
I'll be on a cruise from June 2-9 so I'll probably have to pay after depending on if it's wrapped up before than or not.
I considered watching this game from the start (3 AM my time), but decided to get some sleep instead. I did join at the start of the 4th OT, looks like this might still take a while. :LOL: :laugh:
I'm on my 8th cigar today/tomorrow. Luckily I start holiday tomorrow, er today.
I wonder at what point it would make sense to get a fresh goalie in the net. Naturally the starters want to also finish, but they have to be feeling this by now.

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