March Madness Bracket Pool 2023 (2 Viewers)

With 17 entries total prize pool was $340.
80% for first will be $272.
Second will get $68.
What kind of MM thread is this? Where's the trash talking?

My bracket has sucked, and yet somehow I'm only 60 points behind. And I still have 3 left in my Final Four. Look Out! I'm about to came after y'all!!!

Houston Cougars ALL THE WAY!!!
Yeah, it's been quiet because everyone is a little unhappy with how their bracket looks. I was very surprised to see that I have the highest max points possible remaining but that's never a good look as the person who organized lol.
Also as a Mizzou fan/Kansas hater my tournament is already a success with Kansas failing to defend their title so anything good from here on out is a bonus.
Well, if I wasn't already busted, losing UCLA probably sealed my fate. I believe I needed them to make the Final Four to have a shot.

And to make it worse, I think I changed from Gonzaga to UCLA at the last minute...
I have Alabama to win, but I don’t think I have a path to 1st or 2nd place…
Omg Gonzaga also switched to themselves winning at the last minute it seems...

I would like to let all of you know that if Gonzaga wins the tournament I believe snacks the dog with her snacket could win this damn thing...
After that tournament of attrition, with UConn's win to advance to the finals @Jake14mw has locked up the top spot. @legend672 will get 2nd. Congrats to both! I will reach out with a PM about how you would like to receive your winnings.


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