NHL PCF 2022 Playoffs Bracket Challenge (2 Viewers)

What you prefer to wager for this year's NHL Playoff Bracket?

  • $20

    Votes: 10 100.0%
  • Poker chips ($20 value max)

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Mar 8, 2018
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Zurich, Switzerland
Calling all NHL hockey fans!


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are right around the corner, and they're shaping up to be a doozie this year.

The Eastern Conference is looking like it will be a slaughterhouse - there'll some elite teams hitting the golf course early this year!

Can Tampa Bay complete the 3-peat and establish themselves as the first dynasty in years?

Do Sid and Ovi have it in them to drag their teams to another Stanley Cup?

Can Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton slay their demons and finally make it out of the first round?

Indicate your interest below and I'll send out an invite to a PCF bracket as soon as the playoff match-ups are set!

WAGER: In the meantime, add your voice to the poll above re: what we should wager. In the past there's been cash wagering and last year the winner received chips.

If we get enough people (>10), we can do a payout for 1st and 2nd place (my suggestion would be 2nd place breaks even i.e. doesn't have to either pay or send any chips, just to keep things simple. If we do cash, simplest would be that each person just PayPals the winner after the Champion is crowned.

With that said, bring on the Playoffs and... Go Oilers Go!

I voted cash, but I'm willing to do the same as last year and wager a pair of cut cards and a dealer button.
If Toronto gets bounced in the first round (fingers crossed) I'll just give away a dealer button. Good luck everyone :)
I voted cash, but I'm willing to do the same as last year and wager a pair of cut cards and a dealer button.
I also voted cash, as it's logistically easier for way over here in Europe, but I am open for either option. I suppose we could give people the choice - either pay the winner $20 or send them $20 worth of poker swag?
I jinx my team when I play the bracket game so I'll be sitting this one out.

The Flyers are nowhere near the playoffs, so I can play with my head this year, I'm in for $20.
Do they re-seed each round?
Yup, re-seeding after round 1.

Playoff match-ups will be Set after tonight’s games and I’ll send out the sign-up link tomorrow so everyone has time before the first games Monday to lock in their brackets.
Playoff match-ups are set! I'll send everyone who wants in a link with the password to the PCF Bracket.

First games start on Monday already, so get those picks in!

And of course, there's still time to sign up for anyone who's interested! Just let us know and I'll send over the link.

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Now that the match-ups are set, I have ideas of who might beat whom, but nowhere near confident enough to wager more than a beer at the bar. One more reason why I like the parity in the NHL, and yet another reason why I love this crazy game.

I'd love to see the Rangers make a deep run, but this is "not yet their year". Minneapolis/St. Louis is going to be a crazy match. Several weeks ago, I was saying to the friends in my head that this is Colorado's cup to lose.

There are some first round matches here that are basically going to be "must see TV" for me. I can't wait!

[EDIT - nearly 20 year old photo with Lord Stanley's Mug at the HHOF, and significantly more hair on the top of my head than now... :oops:]

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Am I too late to pick stars to crush. And do I have to pick any other matchups. Just whoever is closest to stars either with pointy logos or closest to outer space or something

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