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Nov 7, 2014
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Close date: April 9th, 2024 12 noon Central

Sample sets of all the molds can be purchased here:

Limited to US buyers unless you have a US shipping address. This order will take approximately 60 days to arrive in the US after the order is placed. It will then be shipped out to you. Invoices will go out after your order is placed and must be paid by 04/09/2024.

Air shipping is an option which will reduce delivery time by about 20-25 days. Please PM me your shipping address and chip counts and I will get you a quote.


WEB Mold or Greek Mold Hybrid
39mm- $.46 each
43mm- $.52 each

These have labels of your designs affixed during manufacturing. These chips will require a label printing fee of approx. $80 per order. This will be determined prior to invoice. Factors include the number of denominations in your set as well as the total number of different custom sets per order. I will need one .ai for the chip and one for the label. Both sides of chips will require the same label. If multiple people use the same art then the label fee will be split accordingly

Predesigned Web Mold and Greek Mold Sets can be found here:

Web Mold Inlay Sizes:


Greek Mold Inlay Sizes:


Web Mold & Greek Mold Hybrid Blanks
39 mm- $.44 each
43 mm- $.50 each

Blank options can be found here:
You can also submit your own artwork for blanks

@Gear is setup to print custom labels for you. The info for those can be found here:

Textured No-Mold
39 mm- $.34 each
43 mm- $.45 each

Cards Mold
39mm- $.40
43mm- $.45

Predesigned Cards Mold/No Mold sets can be found here:

Approximate reshipping costs:
25-200 chips- $10
225-825 chips- $18.50
850-1275 chips- $23.50
1300-1975 chips- $36.50
2000+- TBD


Please edit your original post if you want to make changes. I will use the original post once I close this and send you an invoice.

Please place your order in the thread in the following format. I will follow up via PM.

Please state the name of the chip, the mold you want, then the denoms and count like this:

Sands- Web Mold White Label Cash:

$.25- 100
$1- 300
$5- 200

Please PM me to discuss your custom order

I have multiple examples below. You can order any of my previous designs as well.

New Sets:

DesertPalms_WebMold_2 (1).png
TiberiusTowers_GreekMold (1).png
Unlucky 21 Preview final.png
Starnite Preview (updated v2).png
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Everything about that Desert Palms set is BEAUTIFUL!!! The side photo of the stacks is amazing! Seriously considering replacing my Flamingo cards mold hybrid cash/tourney set with this. Damn it Justin!! You have enough designs, quit releasing new ones!!

I'll let you know... lol
Desert Palms - all in Web mold

39mm -
.25 - 100
$1 - 200
$5 - 150
$20 - 50

43mm -
$25 - 175
$100 - 175
$500 - 100
$1000 - 175
$5000 - 50
$25k - 25

and when you add a bounty, then 25 of those in 43mm please.

Add on 7 of your 43mm racks and 5 of your 40mm racks to this order please.

Thanks Justin!
These new offerings look very nice. What are people using to design the chips (not labels)?
Oh, I'm not smart enough to use that. Would mixing and matching from various sets to go with custom labels look weird or lead to different height/thickness chips?
I think that's actually encouraged. You can look through the examples of hybrid blanks and pick which chips you want with each denomination of your set. Provide the letter code in your order, and you'll get your custom label printed on those chips.
Longtime lurker.. thinking about finally making the plunge. Thank you for doing this!

Now I just need to figure out adobe illustrator... but made a quick mockup, think this would generally work well or any feedback?

Looks very nice!
Thanks! Any tips or threads on how to design the chips themselves for actual ordering? Apologies if there's something already out there as a resource! Have the label arts all set, now just trying to get something like this:
Just have 1 Ai file for labels, 1 for the chip design, and 1 png file for preview so they know which label goes to what chip design.
pm me if you have any other questions, happy to help
Thanks! Any tips or threads on how to design the chips themselves for actual ordering? Apologies if there's something already out there as a resource! Have the label arts all set, now just trying to get something like this: View attachment 1294536
Labels look great!
I would be very careful, however...the Holland, MI text is so close to the cut line that any variation when they make the cut may trim into this text. Always expect a few labels to be a bit off-center, and plan around 1/8" from the trim line to your art.
You may just want to move the text inside the circle, then you can center the circle art within the round cut line.

Also, while the labels are very detailed in their printing, you may want to make the "Card Room" text white on that black background, instead of black with a white outline. It may print fine, but it has the chance of getting a little distorted at that size.

edit: sorry @justincarothers , I didnt realize I was replying in the group buy order thread. @Cratty, I recommend creating a thread in the poker chip mockup section for feedback on the design, instead of in this buy thread:
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Cards Mold - Taj Mahal

25$ - 100
100$ - 100
500$ - 100 43mm
1000$ - 75 43 mm
5000$ - 25 43mm
Dumb Question, but would it be possible to use the Tiberius chip colors with custom labels?

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