Vendor Sale CHIPS* GROUP BUY*: New WEB Mold, GREEK Mold * Cards Mold * Textured No-Mold * 03/2024 (2 Viewers)

Just gotta say these look amazing.

Can you post more up close pics
Hungry The Simpsons GIF
When I get them in I certainly will
Just a little chip pron and shoutout to @justincarothers . Tryna wrap up my budget friendly cash set with some Tinas, I love them! Came out great! Slightly worried about dirty stacks but the $5’s are 43mm so whatev. And yes I’m aware the .25’s have a higher color progression but idgaf, I liked the color better lol. Thanks Justin!

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Sorry for the bad photos, been busy. Chips look and feel great! I have a bunch more coming in the next shipment, didn't want to go crazy since we ordered these without having the samples. I ordered more 1's, 5's and got some 20's. I also ordered too many beige 5c if anyone is willing to trade some 25c, or $1.


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