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39 and 43 mm Web mold barrels back in stock. Also have white and black label sands sample sets
Sands Web Mold Sample Set Black Label please.


If the Sunset Beach 43mm Web Mold sample sets are available soon, I'll take one of those as well. I can wait a bit.
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Sands sample black
Sands sample white
Black Gold sample
And Sunset Beach 43mm Web Mold sample when available please. I can also wait a bit.
Can the labels be swapped if I want different colour chips? Also, what shipping options/pricing do you have for Canada?
Options are pretty wide open. Shipping to Canada is via flat rate boxes. Direct shipment from China to Canada is also an option.
Sunset Beach 4pc sample set please

Hopefully will be back in stock early enough for the current group buy (fingers crossed).
Thank you :)
Greek mold Mirage 9pc set please.
I thought I already ordered, maybe I forgot to put order in. 1 set total please.
If anyone wants to break off a single of the Black Gold $5 (yellow / black) and Sands $10,000 (prefer black label), I would buy one of each.

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