Vendor Sale CHIPS* GROUP BUY*: New Greek Mold * Cards Mold * Textured No-Mold * 02/2024 (4 Viewers)

Bought a new case, some racks, some bounty plaques and dealer buttons, just need the chips to arrive!
Same :), bought racks, case, cards, dealer and bounty buttons. I can't wait for it to arrive, unfortunately I think it's going to arrive to late for my draft night poker game :(
These look absolutely incredible!! Thank you Justin!!


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Ordered this bunch thru a group buy. I did order the first batch of chips, a year ago, via air shipping. But the group buy is a great way to add on chips and top-off the set. @justincarothers is ACES.

Oh these are the cards and no molds that shipped a week or so earlier than the Greek Molds
It actually came out a bit darker then what I wanted, but I ended up better imo
It’s not a public design but lmk and I can customize something for you
I have a few extras but didn’t order enough for full sample sets. If interested lmk

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