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Nov 7, 2014
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Close date: MARCH 12th, 2024 12 noon Central

I will have the New Web Mold samples in about March 1st. I will post a thread for those when they come in.

Limited to US buyers unless you have a US shipping address. This order will take approximately 60 days to arrive in the US after the order is placed. It will then be shipped out to you. Invoices will go out after your order is placed and must be paid by 03/12/2024.

If you are ordering 2000 or more chips I will be able to get it air shipped directly to you for a few more pennies per chip.


WEB Mold or Greek Mold Hybrid
39mm- $.46 each
43mm- $.52 each

These have labels of your designs affixed during manufacturing. These chips will require a label printing fee of approx. $80 per order. This will be determined prior to invoice. Factors include the number of denominations in your set as well as the total number of different custom sets per order. I will need one .ai for the chip and one for the label. Both sides of chips will require the same label. If multiple people use the same art then the label fee will be split accordingly
Predesigned Web Mold and Greek Mold

Web Mold Inlay Sizes:


Greek Mold Inlay Sizes: Both 24mm

Web Mold & Greek Mold Hybrid Blanks
39 mm- $.44 each
43 mm- $.50 each
43m Greeks will not be available until March order
Blank options can be found here:
You can also submit your own artwork for blanks

@Gear is setup to print custom labels for you. The info for those can be found here:

Textured No-Mold
39 mm- $.34 each
43 mm- $.45 each

Cards Mold
39mm- $.40
43mm- $.45

Predesigned Cards Mold/No Mold sets can be found here:

Approximate reshipping costs:
25-200 chips- $10
225-825 chips- $18.50
850-1275 chips- $22.50
1300-1975 chips- $36.50
2000+- TBD


Please edit your original post if you want to make changes. I will use the original post once I close this and send you an invoice.

Please place your order in the thread in the following format. I will follow up via PM.

Please state the name of the chip, the mold you want, then the denoms and count like this:

Sands- Web Mold White Label Cash:

$.25- 100
$1- 300
$5- 200

Please PM me to discuss your custom order

I have multiple examples below. You can order any of my previous designs as well. Some only work on no-mold since they have a faux mold in the artwork.

New Web Mold or Greek Mold Sets:

The dots on the Sands chips are just a watermark. Will not appear in final product

Sands Clay Web White_Cash.jpg
Sands Clay Web White_Cali Cash.jpg

Final iteration of the Starlite chip will not be shaped inlays. All will be round

Final iteration of the Treasure Island inlay will not be shaped. They will all be round
Sands Clay Web Black_Cash.jpg
Sands Clay Web Black_Cali Cash.jpg
Horseshoe Club Las Vegas-WEB Mold-PREVIEW-01.jpg
New China Club Web Mold Preview_1.jpg

Aztec Casino Chip Outlines (Web Mold).png

New Textured No Mold Designs:

Sands Matsui Style NO MOLD PRINT_Cash.png
Sands Matsui Style NO MOLD PRINT_Cali Cash.png

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I’m looking to order 1100 web mold tournament set. If I could please get a sample set when they come in! Also, verified larger inlays for 43mm?
Blanks - Web Mold Hybrid - 39 mm

AR4 - 25
AR1 - 25
AR2 - 25
BC2 - 25
BC4 - 25
BC5 - 25
BC6 - 25
BC7 - 25

Blanks - Web Mold Hybrid - 43 mm

BC11 - 25
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but would it be possible to get a sample of some of the Greek hybrid chips. Any of the pre printed sets would work.
Already looking to buy more lol
Honestly agreed! I already bought the greek mold casino azteca but the web molds look really good on it, better than the greek mold I'd say. Now if only the web mold is as good as the greek mold...
I've been thinking about those Sands chips for so long, but I don't host tournaments ever... but they are tempting.

I need to get my hands on some 43mm Web and Greek mold samples at some point.
Likewise. The 43mm cards mold chips are great. Wondering if the web mold chips had the same weight and feel.
I've been thinking about those Sands chips for so long, but I don't host tournaments ever... but they are tempting.

I need to get my hands on some 43mm Web and Greek mold samples at some point.
Plenty of sands cash options
Justin, Josh Kifer told me you are looking to do some 5k and 25k Isle Pompano Beach. I am interested in these. Looking at100 5k and 50 25k. I am a long time member but relatively new to Custom stuff. Tell me how you want to proceed.

Don Miller
Meridian, Idaho

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