Vendor Sale CHIPS* GROUP BUY*: New Greek Mold * Cards Mold * Textured No-Mold * 01/2024 (1 Viewer)

Looking to place an order of Greek Mold Hybrid Customs as follows:

All 43mm, with semi-glossy laminate.

TA1- 100 chips
BU1 - 200 chips
HC3 - 250 chips
R2 - 200 chips
34 - 150 chips
HC6 - 75 chips
63 - 25 chips
AR11 - 25 chips

1025 chips in total.

I have custom art that I have put together, and I will reach out through PM. Thank you.
Oasis 39mm textured no mold

$.05 - 100
$.25 - 100

Screenshot_20240102_153310_Samsung Internet.jpg
Does this mean everyone’s order shipped on this date? You normally send out tracking information or did I miss something. I apologize if I did
This order was shipped from China, 01-31. I will post here when they arrive in the USA. You will then receive a pm with your own tracking number
Do you have time estimate for delivery based on your experience? I assume another month due to container ship travel time, destination port, unloading, etc.
I'll take the following please

Binions Horseshoe fauxmold on textured no mold 39mm
$0.50 x 125
$5.00 x 100
Many thanks :)
Hi, was wondering if I could get Aria replicas like these pictured?


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