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Dec 8, 2015
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This sale is perhaps breaking some new grounds (certainly for me) and it has many moving parts, hence if I discover mistakes have been made, I reserve the right to cancel any sales and/or make any changes necessary. If some pricing errors have been made, I will make the necessary corrections before any sales has concluded.

This portion of Tiger Palace sales has ended.

Tournament Primary - Splash 4.jpg

Tiger Palace Tournament set consists of 10 chips. Starting with an Arc Yellow NCV and finishing with a white T100,000 chip. Three sets of these chips were offered for sale on Saturday January 7th. The order book closed 24 hours later.

Anyone who purchased a set directly from me, received a 'Tiger Ticket'. The Tiger Ticket allowed the holder to purchase additional racks of chips from the tournament set (prices are listed below), including NCVs, T1s, T5s, T25,000, T100,000 and some other denoms. Participants had 10 days to exercise their Tiger Ticket option. 400 and 600 chip sets could buy up to two additional racks as add-ons, while buyers of the High Roller MTT set were able to buy up to 5 additional racks.

The three tournament sets that were available for sale on Saturday January 7th:

400 chip set (single table):

120 x T25
120 x T100
60 x T500
80 x T1000
20 x T5000
Price: $2,430 + shipping and applicable taxes

600 chips set (1-2 tables):

160 x 25
160 x 100
80 x 500
160 x 1000
40 x 5000
Price: $3,700 + shipping and applicable taxes

1500 chip set: High-roller MTT

320 x 25
320 x 100
200 x 500
300 x 1000
200 x 5000
100 x 25,000
60 x 100,000
Price: $9,770 + shipping and applicable taxes

Tiger Ticket: Prices for ‘add-on’ chips

T1: $650/rack
T5: $750/rack
T25: $550/rack
T100: $600/rack
T500: $600/rack
T1000: $650/rack
T5000: $850/rack
T25,000: $700/rack
T100,000: $900/rack
T-NCV (Arc Yellow): $850/rack

Tournament Primary 4.jpg

Tournament Primary 2.jpg

Tournament Primary 3.jpg
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I just had a question pop into my mind about the Tiger tickets. Do you have to buy a whole rack? I can see that you don’t want to get into parceling out single chips, but maybe barrels? Either way it’s fine I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of horse trading with people shuffling their sets around to fit specifically what they need.
.... All PCFers from all geographies will have plenty of time to participate in this sale.
Not quite all -- we'll be at sea without net access en route to Curacao on Jan 7-8. Oh well, my bank account thanks you. :cool
In the coming weeks, if there are any additional sales occur, and/or any additional racks of chips become available, the priority for sales goes to anyone who has purchased a set directly from me.
Could you please explain this a bit more? I assume you just mean this as people buying tournament hot stamp sets will have priority for more tournament hot stamp chips, and this doesn’t apply to cash set sales.
no, just everyone in Antarctica
Not sure why you’re WTFing me. He said taxes where applicable. I have no idea what taxes can be applicable anywhere else, but I know in some American states (like mine) sales tax can be applicable. If one of these sets is going to cost me an extra 6.25%, I’d like to know beforehand.
You collecting sales tax from Americans?

I would assume the answer is "of course, got to". The amount of money that’s going to change hands between everybody on this sale and what’s already been bought I think it’s fair to assume that to avoid any trouble sales tax is going to need to be paid and paid accurately.
An extremely painful process to collect and then disburse to all the states, but I believe I am required to do so...
What about international buyers who would just like to have them shipped CONUS in the first place, to be exported shortly after?
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