Vendor Sale Tiger Palace 2024 Sale - VIP Cash 1 & 2, 43mm Secondary Tournament, 48mm FHC, Misc/Add-on chips (1 Viewer)


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8 more hours until the order form closes...I will work on all the order tomorrow and start sending out payment notices late Monday or early Tuesday...

Obligatory picture pr0n...


Quick update on the sale:

Nearly all who wanted a barrel or a few, or a rack or two, ahve been notified via PM... a few expceptions are those with international shipping or something else in their order that I need to work on (combined shipping, U.S. shipper, etc.)

For the set sales, I am still working through all the orders and it will be finalized by no later than tomorrow afternoon. Some sets are completely sold out and a lottery will be necessary.
Still working on it ... sorry everyone...long couple of days (work+life+PCF)... will be all done by tonight

P.S. some notifications have started to go out...but again, as this is a completely manual process, it takes time to send out each individual PM, etc...even with the help of a couple of minions :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
Anyone have a good rack option for those fat hats? :oops:
PM please :D

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