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I saw a pic of your table last year and fell in love. This is my first table build. Should have went 6” rail rather than 5” and I got my nail heads a little too close but I’m happy with it. I can see how you guys have half a dozen builds under your belts. But it’s not perfect!
Where can i purchase the decorative nail heads and trim edge you placed on this table? Nice table btw
This is my 7-handed mix game table with built-in shuffle-tec. Getting all the hardware underneath, and working around the gorilla legs was a big issue, but after many hours I finally got everything snug and fit together. The mounting kit was a gigantic pain in the ass. This was a passion project for me, as I've built many generic tables and this was the most complex.


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Lovely cloth and a great effect.

I would have to keep my chips on the outermost level but would still fear that they would just fall into the pot ... although when playing Circus games they tend to do that anyway :D
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Finally finished my table.

Followed the YouTube video by dirk made for the most part. Full 4’x8’ table, 6” rail, 2 sheets of 3/4” ply. Tnuts and furniture bolts to attach rail to playing surface. Royal blue ssc with black whisper vinyl. 1” rail foam and pink sew foam with white side up, under playing surface, all from YAT. Thanks to everyone for posting builds and answering questions I couldn’t have done it without PCF.
What YouTube video could I get the link. Please
First time poster , but used this forum to finish up my build recently. A ton of useful information !
How did you keep the acrylic from tap plastic in place ? Did this lighted rail design but cannot wrap my head around how to install a diffuser after I install the lights.


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I built this table a few years ago. I did a little research before hand and decided on a racetrack style table. When I was building it I wanted to be able to fit it in my living room with enough space to fill all the seats around it. Went with birch for the exposed and mdf for the bottom. Locally sourced foam for under the playing surface and I wanted a thick/tall rail to be comfortable enough without feeling any wood underneath. My brother in law was randomly given some Mercedes leather and passed it on to me for the rail. The base is sturdy enough to support some of the big bois that may lean into it. It’s a beast to move around but a solid build for the on and off games it’s hosted. Measures 6x4 and the most is hosted is 10 players


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