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Am I crazy? Was looking through some of my scrap lumber and found a piece of 3/4” 48”x48” ply and a few decent pieces of 1x6 I forgot I had from some old projects. With this stuff a 48” round is too small. But I’m thinking what if I cut the ply into an octagon and then used the 1x6 as my rail. I could have ~2-2.5” of rail that overlap the table and the rest would overhand the outer edge increasing the rail perimeter. This could leave me with a ~54-55” octagon table which would have the same rail space as almost an 58” round… got me thinking
I have seen that and while it looks very nice it’s a little out of my budget right now. Plus I’m fairly handy and plan to try and build one myself unless I come across a great deal on one
Here’s a few examples of what I’m thinking IF I decided to throw together an octagon table, I believe the first 2 are @T_Chan tables
I’d still probably go with cream colored rail and either a gold or gold/dark green clothe

Had some time last night after the kids went to bed, pulled that piece of scrap ply out since it was tucked in the corner of my scrap pile, turns out it isn’t 48”x48” it’s actually 48”x66”. Still wouldn’t change my plan if I went with the octagon (48x48 base with 1x6 rail that overhangs to make a -54” table from flat side to flat side/58” from corer to corner). But had another though, what if I did a fat super ellipse table (48”64”) which would give the social feel of a round table and ease for self dealt games but eliminates the issues of an octagon not being ideal if playing with less than 8 which we sometimes only have 6-7. I’m kinda leaning this way at this point plus I think this shape would be really cool, haven’t seen many ellipse tables this shape most I have seen are more narrow and longer. This would probably mean needing another piece of ply for the rail but it’s very tempting

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