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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
Well they are finally done and unwrapped. Unfortunately they are in Michigan at a fellow chippers house. I will be meeting him at a local casino in the next few weeks. But he was gracious enough to snap a few shot after unboxing.

They turned out great!
Once I get them here I will borrow a really good professional camera from a friend and take some money shots of them all in every known position.

Thanks again to everyone at CPC... and thanks to J5 who once again shows us why he is top dawg in the game

.25 with 1/4 pie (base yellow wth DG yellow)
$1 with 4A14 V2 (base grey with DG pink
$5 with 3DSA16 (base Man Red with Arc Yellow/bright white)
$20 with 8A14 (Base Lavender with dg green/dg yellow
$100 with 4DSA18 (base black with dg pink/light blue)






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Looking good! Congrats! I can't wait to get my sample set :)
They turned out great - I can't seem to pick a favorite. Congrats, enjoy, and looking forward to more pics :)

I am really thrilled with how they came out...especially the $5 and $20. I was a little nervous. Looks like CPC is back in 5th gear churning out quality again.
So excited to get them oiled and more pictures taken.
all beautiful chips, but the $5 is my fave - love that color combo - with the $20 very close behind. congrats to being part of the revive-the-FDL GB :)
Wow, did I really forget to chime in and say how AWESOME these are?? This set may just have my vote for inlay of the year, and it's only March. Really, these turned out so great. Congrats on a great set, Chris!
I have gotten sloppy with updating the Custom Chip Database, but this set inspires me to quit working at work, and get back to chipping at work!
Will do but I need to wait to get them in my hands first which will be another week to two weeks :(

Once I get them I will round up my friend with the super slick HD camera of his..

Here is a sample of its potential.. This was in a low lit big room

How far away are you from Detroit?

Damn I should have had these shipped to shots galore!!!!! :)
Hopefully it's the camera in your hands taking pictures of the chips ;)

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