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Jul 27, 2019
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Manufacturer: CPC

Mold: Jockey

Inlay Designer: @JeepologyOffroad

The Background:

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is one of my favorite vacation spots in the world. I haven't been in quite a number of years now, but I enjoyed it for it's really nice beaches with calm, almost perfectly turquoise waters and awesome restaurants. I'm more of a "kick back and relax" kind of person when it comes to vacation, and this area of the island has it in spades. Lots of day drinking and eating and lounging around by the pool and under an umbrella on a chair on the beach. My family and I would stay at the same rental building called "The Beachcomber" because of it's location on Seven Mile Beach and it's close proximity to the best restaurants on the island. Though gambling is not legal in the Caymans, The Beachcomber is the perfect place to go to if you're looking for a card game to take a break from the sin or once dinner is over but don't quite want to go to bed yet.

The Chips:

Given the beachy/tropical theme, going with a hybrid/Cali color scheme for chip base colors made the most sense. Each chip in this set was designed to commemorate/represent a different mixed alcoholic drink one may partake when enjoying vacation in a tropical place.

NCV Base Color: Light Green, Spot Pattern: 1/4 Pie, Spot Color: Green, "The Blue Hawaii"

0.25 Base Color: Retro Red, Spot Pattern: 412, Spot Colors: Red, Dayglow Pink, "The Strawberry Daiquiri"

$1 Base Color: Dayglow Peacock, Spot Pattern: 4D14, Spot Colors: Light Blue, Bright White, "The Blue Lagoon"

$5 Base Color: Dayglow Peach, Spot Pattern: 41418, Spot Colors: Dayglow Yellow, Dayglow Orange, "The Tequila Sunrise"

$25 Base Color: Purple, Spot Pattern: 2V12214, Spot Colors: Dayglow Arc Yellow, Mandarin Red, "The Caribbean Storm"

$100 Base Color: Bright White, Spot Pattern: 6D18, Spot Colors: Dayglow Green, Dayglow Saturn, "The Pina Colada"

Without further ado, here it is all together!

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Awesome set. The level of complexity on the inlay is just right.

The upper denoms are giving such “old school grail set” vibes.
Well done sir, love that $5! I honestly don't think you have come out with a set that I did not enjoy.
I think the $1 is my favorite on its own, but I have to say I really like how barrels of the $5 came out. Very warm, afternoon vibes. Overall a great set!
Congrats again Joe, great lineup man. That fiver may encourage the crew to bump up the stakes ;)

Really nice job on the inlay @JeepologyOffroad. I think at one point I told Joe this design looks like Condado Beach and Barrel House had a baby lol

Each chip in this set was designed to commemorate/represent a different mixed alcoholic drink one may partake when enjoying vacation in a tropical place.
If I ever tried that, it'd be the most boring chip set eva....


Great set! Your running out of options for your next set :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
You must be new here..... ;) :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
I absolutely love your creations!! Dayglo Saturn and Dayglo Orange used perfectly!! Well always!!
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This is the first CPC set I've seen that I'm pretty sure I would buy if it went on sale. Nicely done!!
Very cool story. The background is what makes custom chips so special, and this is a great one!

$5 is beautiful!

Also, error chip alert!

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