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Aug 20, 2022
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Bay Area, CA

I went against a lot of best practices for a CPC set (repeated spot colors throughout, too much use of bright white, no consistent inlay). But I had this idea and I could not get it out of my head, a dark/weighted color for each chip - with the dayglo version of it and bright white as the only spot colors.

The inlay was designed by my super talented brother, which also makes it so much more meaningful to me. The theme came up when trying to listen to at least some of the advice given on PCF - make it personal. I’ve been playing poker for almost 20 years, and in that time I’ve lived in many places and grown a lot - but the one consistent thing is that I still play with the (roughly) same group of players. And we all fish, and have created many memories fishing together. So I decided to dedicate each chip to a fish that was personally caught by one of our players.

The Chips


Chip: Yellowfin / $0.25
Base Color: Canary
Spot Colors: Dayglo Yellow, Bright White
Weight: 8.8g
Story: My brother in law caught this fishing off the coast of Kauai while on his honeymoon with my sister.


Chip: Albacore / $1
Base Color: Blue
Spot Colors: Dayglo Peacock, Bright White
Weight: 8.6g
Story: I grew up fishing for albacore with my father and brother, mostly out of Half Moon Bay. Recently my father retired in Oregon and has been catching them out of Newport, so I wanted to honor him with the location.


Chip: King Salmon / $5
Base Color: Red
Spot Colors: Dayglo Pink, Bright White
Weight: 8.7g
Story: My brother and another regular hold their yearly company trip fishing for salmon out of Santa Cruz.


Chip: Dorado / $25
Base Color: Green
Spot Colors: Dayglo Green, Bright White
Weight: 8.9g
Story: I caught my first Dorado on a fishing trip to Mexico launching from San Diego - it’s also the city I spent 10 years of my life.


Chip: Black Marlin / NCV
Base Color: Black
Spot Colors: Charcoal, Bright White
Weight: 8.5g
Story: 3 of us went to Maui and went on a private chartered fishing boat. We became members of the 1% club (only 1% of chartered trips end up catching a marlin). We never get to $100s in our game, so I made this an NCV so we could use it as an All In / Show Me / Flexible chip that would see the felt.


Sample shot

My Set

In Racks

Stack shot

Splashed pot

Closing Thoughts
  • I must have gone to the poker design tool hundreds of times. Keep doing this until any change you make is not preferred.
  • I do not regret the use of bright white in every chip. I am very satisfied with how it turned out.
  • I tested for dirty stacks and it’s not an issue. The only potential issue is the black and blue chip in very low light because they both have ⅛ white spots, but the players will only have 1 of the blacks anyway and it doesn’t represent cash, so there’s no “oh I thought I bet $20 but really I bet $119”.
  • I thought my favorite chip was going to be the blue $1. I do really like it, but I like the $25 even more in person. It’s not the most innovative chip by any means, but it just looks so good in person.
  • David is the GOAT. Dealing with all my annoying questions and after-submission changes.
  • And of course, I’m already thinking about my add on - the dungeness crab out of Half Moon Bay (a butterscotch or light chocolate $20???).
Thanks for reading - or at least looking at the pictures!
i've always called the Dorado fish Dolphin. I know restaurants all it Mahi Mahi because no one wants to eat "Dolphin".....but never heard dorado before..

Anyways These chips are cool...i like the idea
Nicely done. Love seeing 618 being used. Frac is great too. I’ve had a very similar frac mocked up for years now and never made it. Awesome getting to see it in stacks
Love these! The inlay design is incredible, I love the little touch of adding the colored water border. The fiver is pure fire, I applaud going with regular red here, that's a great combo given the overall feel of the set.

I wouldn't consider myself a fisherman by any stretch these days, but my son and I nabbed our King Salmon out on Lake Michigan, incredible day and so much fun!



@CantSpellPoker check these out!
Great job! You nailed one of the main advantages/reasons for having a custom set done, making it personal and meaningful to you. I'm sure you will love it for years to come.

Good Morning Hello GIF by Saturday Night Live
Great set man, love seeing the connection to your group!

I was searching for my photo of pops and my family catching a Marlin out of Cabo but can’t seem to find it.

This is reminding me I need to take a fishing trip soon, been too long.
Love it!!! This is an awesome set!! I'd love a sample set if you have any extras!!

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