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Apr 18, 2022
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Just received my CSQ CPC order, and I'm very pleased with the results. I had spent months fiddling with the CPC design tool, trying to come up with a cash set combination that I liked, but every color/spot progression felt wrong. On a whim I tried mocking up a tournament set with the inlay design I had been working on, and I was surprised how much I liked it. Often having greater constraints on your designs makes it easier to create something you're satisfied with. Not worrying about spot progression and having a (mostly) defined color progression made it easier to pick out what I liked. Overall I'm very satisfied with how everything turned out, my only minor what if would have been changing the Dayglo Yellow on the T1000s, it looks slightly greener next to arc yellow than I had imagined.

The name is a reference to Portland, more commonly referred to as Rose City but also, owing to it's 12 bridges crossing through town, it has the Bridge City nickname. The label design references the St. Johns Bridge, which is the most striking bridge in the city.


tournament 100.png

Now, I'm not much of a photographer, my phone lens is cracked and my interior lighting is pretty poor, but I did my best to do the chips justice. Pics below:

Spots: 3D14
Colors: Black/Dayglo Pink/Dayglo Arc Yellow

Spots: 3D14
Colors: Purple/Light Blue/Dayglo Tiger

Spots: 3D14
Colors: Dayglo Arc Yellow/Dayglo Peacock/Dayglo Yellow

Spots: 3D14
Colors: Light Blue/Dayglo Peach/Bright White

T25000 Plaques (83x55mm BRpro)

All together:

Splash Pot.jpg


Opaque Dealer.jpg

Clear Dealer.jpg

Shout out @David Spragg, he does amazing work and without him custom clay chips would be a pipe dream.
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Beautiful set. 3d14 is my favorite spot pattern and love tournament sets that use it across all the chips.
Great lineup, having a hard time picking my favorite! I appreciate that they are elegant and simple - I think that’s really underrated in a world where people can really get out of control in the chip design tool.
Well done! I'm always happy to see other's custom designs come alive. These should give you plenty of enjoyment on the felt.

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