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Dec 19, 2014
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Eggenwil / Switzerland
In the heart of Eggenwil, where lush landscapes and opulence intertwine, Vine Hill Country Club stands as an icon of prestige and leisure. Beyond its manicured golf courses and exclusive amenities lies a well-kept secret, a haven for those who seek a different kind of thrill—the Vine Hill Hill Country Club poker room. (Written by Chatgpt)

Artist: @mattross1313

Manufacturer: CPC (Chips), Matsui (Plaques)

Mold: Jockey (CPC), CC.870-A (Matsui)

Felt: montapisdejeux.com


Vine Hill Country Club is a fictitious name. The street where we live is called Vine Hill in English. We live in a small village called Eggenwil in the canton of Aargau (AG).

My ancestors were specialized in vineyards so our family crest has grapes on it. You can see the grapes on the felt and on the member chips.

Because the whole set is very personal, I chose CHF instead of USD for the currency.

I wanted to work as usual with @p5woody again, but he was too busy. I found a great replacement in @mattross1313 who did a fantastic job.

During the design process I read a few short stories about poker games in country clubs (one from late Doyle Brunson) and that's how Vine Hill Country Club was born.

The Line up:

All chips have X14 Spots with a nice spot progression.

CHF 0.25:

Always wanted a mandarin red chip. Dg peach and dg yellow are two of my favorite colors.

Spot: 2A14 (L2) base color: mandarin red / spot colors: dg peach, dg yellow

CHF 1:

The combination of dg peacock, white and dg tiger was always a wish of mine.

Spot: 4A14A (L3) base color: dg peacock / spot colors: bright white, dg tiger

CHF 5:

Inspired by @Fran Silver Shoe Set the chip came alive. It was the first chip of the set which I was sure about. All other chips were designed to fit to it. It was watched greatly with the CHF 20 plaques.

Spot: 6A14 (L3) base color: arc yellow / spot colors: retro lavender, dg green

CHF 20:

Mint and ultramarine were always among my most favorite Matsui colors.

Spot: CC.870-A base color: mint / spot colors: white, ultramarine

CHF 100:

Since the emerald bay group buy I love the hot pink as base color but had never the chance to use it so far in a set.

Spot: CC.870-A base color: hot pink / spot colors: white, light blue

The Bounty:

Purple with dg green, dg yellow and dg peach is just an amazing combo. It’s similar to the Eden Lago member chip.

Spot: 6TA14 (L4) base color: purple / spot colors: dg green, dg yellow, dg peach

Member Chip:

The famous Swiss chocolate found it’s place in my set. The rainbow spots were always a wish of mine.

Spot: 6H14 (L7) base color: chocolate / spot colors: mandarin red, dg yellow, dg peacock, dg green, dg pink, pg peach

Card Guard plaques:

A mixture of different greens that should symbolize the beautiful surroundings of Eggenwil.

Spot: CC.870-A base color dark green / spot colors: light green, cedar green

Pictures: (I know you were waiting for them ;) )



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