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Oct 6, 2020
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Oxford, UK

Having fallen down the proverbial PCF rabbit hole, I knew that I was in for a CPC cash set. I needed a name for my game and during some Google-Binging, I stumbled upon the fact that there was once a Brighton Casino and it was the first purpose-built casino in Atlantic City. My family name is Brighton and you can probably guess the rest!

The Chips

I knew there were going to be shaped inlays and that there had to be a blue £1. Other than that, I sat on various chips in the chip designer for over 12 months but always came back to this lineup. After a year it was finally time to pull the trigger.

However, now I needed an inlay...

The Inlay

There was only one man for this job - @JeepologyOffroad . The remit was a clean, elegant, classic look that the casino may have issued towards the end of the 80s/early 90s. Having worked with John on labels previously for a THC solids tourney set, the design process was pretty straightforward. John, you nailed it.

NOTE: a butterfly was used on the wall of the original Brighton Casino and various merchandise throughout the casino.


Thanks to @JeepologyOffroad for the inlay designs and constructive feedback.
Thanks to @Eloe2000 for acting as a sounding board throughout the process.
Thanks to @David Spragg (and team) for providing a great service and for delivering a fantastic product.

The pron

Now on to the pictures...


Non-denom - Gray base, with DG Arc Yellow, DG Peach and DG Tiger


£1 - Retro Blue base, with DG Pink and Lavender


£5 - Retro Red base, with DG Peach and White


£20 - DG Yellow base, with Blurple and Lavender


£100 - Black base, with DG Arc Yellow and DG Tiger


£500 - Purple base, with DG Peacock, Bright White and DG Pink

This £500 chip is solely for kids' benefit when a loaf of bread costs £5 (although with the current rate of inflation, I may get them on the table soon!).


Apologies for the lack of lighting/photography/artistic skills! @JeepologyOffroad will take some proper pictures for the chip database when he receives his sample set.

There is a plan to expand the set to cover 2 tables so that the set can be split into 2 sets (one for each of the kids) in the future. Therefore, there will probably be additional racks of "anniversary" chips added at some point. The idea is that these chips can be passed down from generation to generation and hopefully, get the use they thoroughly deserve.

Thanks for looking, Iain


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Fantastic, I almost went with a 414418 for the yellow 5 on my set. See you in the voting! :bigbucks:
Beautiful set Iain! Flawless execution on the theme and lables and some really stunning chips in there!
I see influences from some of my favorite chips ever like the wthc $1 and the Taj mahal $5 and I really love it.

Hard to pick a favorite but it might just be the ncv. Only the best CPC colors in there. :)

And those shaped inlays... Yum! :love:

Any chance for us commoners to grab a sample set down the line?
Congratulations on the fantastic set, everyone involved did a great job.
It's a wonderful thought that has been passed down from generation to generation!
If sampleset are available, I would like to register my interest.
Stunning. While I love the $500 like everyone else, the frac is my favorite chip since it's such a unique, but perfect, fit/choice. Clean inlays ftw as always too!
I've always been a big fan of that color/spot combo that you have on the $1, great looking chip. Congrats and best of luck with the set!

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