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Jul 4, 2018
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Working on a group buy with a few others to get some CARDS mold chips to 10,000 pieces to lower shipping costs. It can be different art work so if you have artwork and a set you want or artwork you working on maybe we can do this.

@Marhault was kind enough to give some advice

" Something to consider is to tell people to allow for breakage. These chips are coming from China. Chips will break most likey. Their packaging is good and on small orders you're less likely to get breakage but on our order we had roughly 60 chips upon shipment to me and lost another 20 or so in my reshipping)"

So when coming up with your totals PLEASE get extras.

As always remember this is going to be a slow process because we have so many different sets. Thanks everyone that is getting on this ride and assisting too. *Edit 7/8/2020

30¢ is an estimate that I am including the cost of your custom art, the shipping fee to the US and then when I reship it you. I plan to get a better break down once we get our totals in. I want this to be a fair and fun experience.

Cost at 10,000 is 26¢. I don't want to keep saying 26¢ since if you include the other costs it turns out to be .299999 or so. A more accurate cost all in will be 30¢.

Current shipping is $280 this could change by the time we actually order in August or September.

EDIT- "If you have 20,000 pcs cards mold ceramic poker chips order ,unit price usd 25¢ each. Shipping usd $540 by sea (door to door service). "

Samples possible in the thread check with members.

Reminder you can also get 43mm flat chips too after we hit our original 10,000 CARDS MOLD chips.

  • Any tournament people wanting to get seating tokens? I don't but if someone wants to that is something that could be appealing for folks. Just an idea.
  • Shipping - I live in Omaha and if you live in some surrounding state and plan to drive through you can waive shipping and pick it up.
  • Message me for link to supplier. I don't want to advertise them since they aren't a vendor.
  • Message me and I can email you an excel of their full price list on all items.

Be cool

(I can email a pdf that is more visible)
View attachment 480983
From supplier
"the cards mould,the middle area is 25MM.YOU CAN design your logo below 24MM"


Current Quantities updated 6/28/2020
@JeepologyOffroad 1200 chips
@SiouxperStack 700
@AnteAndy ACES DESIGNS 500 chips
@honkydevil 1000
@Eloe2000 1000 chips
@TX_Golf_N_Poker 1400
@GetUrShineBox 1500
@FDLmold 1000
@Himewad 800
@justincarothers 1100 FINAL
@Bluegrass Poker 1000
@Lars 500
@StaggerLee 1000
@slurpeee 500
@RowlettTexasChipGuy 600
@krafticus 2240 FINAL
@shorticus 800
@Ellasdaddy 1000
@RudysNYC 1150
@chrismurda 1000
@Marhault 1000
@BGinGA 1000
@JustDave 805
@raynmanas 640
@BrightlyDumb 1000
@Vic_Vinegar81 1000
@Woldy 1000
@TheDuke 600
@DCM1986 1000

TOTAL - 26,000+
Hoping to get totals figured out and squared away by August 2.Please be on the list with someone for art or have your art sent to me. I'll provide my email through messenger on here. Sooner we get all the art turned in the sooner we can get this going. EDIT 6/30/2020 @Jake14mw
@timinater Full. (We might have broke him)

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Estimated price per chip? And would I be able to get blanks, to add labels to later?
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The main issue is you must be patient, it takes about 25-30 days by ship and we have people in line for artwork to get done.
Just need full artwork / vectors

I figure there should only be about 6--8 of us and we'd figure out shipping once they got here. Also we'd hammer this out more before the order and art put in.
That make sense?

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