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I originally looked into this forum and other website sources for casino quality poker chips... Only to find a bunch of poker chip nerds trying to sell $0cash value "collectable" poker chips for outrageous amounts money posting of mediocre poker winnings, etc... Poker chips aren't like classic cars, or silver, or gold... they are f****** poker chips for crying out loud, with no actual cash value or "collectable value" that you supposedly claim maybe those very few rare ones are collectable, but for the most part, not really. There is no actual significant history behind "most poker chips" that are being priced at $2 - $5 per poker chip. I will gladly take my money to the casino and get "cash value" poker chips that I can always keep or cash back out for my money if I ever wanted to. You couldn't hold a gun to my head to buy your overpriced poker chips you idiots. I don't care if Paulson doesn't make poker chips anymore or these other brand names older than Paulson. It doesn't make the value that much more because it's not produced anymore, or because only so many of them were produced, as if it's rare. Casinos bought thousands upon thousands of the same poker chips, it's not like a limited number was produced for that specific poker chip for that specific casino. I would love to see you take it to a pawn store or an auction place and see how much it sales for... Oh ya that's right, only these idiots would pay that much for it, that's why you post it on this stupid site. A bunch of donkey mules.

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