GB Completed Group Buy - Taj Mahal Cut Cards (1 Viewer)

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Price currently $2.50 a card (does not include graphic fee, tax, shipping nor re-shipping). If we wait till we hit 250 we go down to $2.07 a card. We’ve lost momentum but we’ll see what the next week has in store for us.
Only need 5 more or so, we're very close to closing the orders and moving forward with plastic printers.
Status update -

We are at 253 cards, so we are at enough to bring the cost down to $2.07 a card, plus 25c a card for graphic design fee. Then there will be tax, shipping, and reshipping.

I am now engaged with Plastic Printers, I have provided them graphic files for the design and they are working on a proof. Once I approve the proof, I think they'll ask for a final count and finalize the order. If you want in, now is the time, as the order is likely to be closed in the next day or two (depending how fast Plastic Printers will go).

Once I receive a final quote, I will calculate the numbers for each person, and reach out to each person to confirm their cost and their shipping address.

We're almost there!
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