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Nov 12, 2014
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Gear got a surprise gift the other day!

My aunt had an idea, and her daughter took it and ran with it.
My cousin's side hustle is custom graphic apparel, so this awesome shirt was born.

But Will Discuss Poker Chips (3).JPG

But Will Discuss Poker Chips (1).JPG But Will Discuss Poker Chips (2).JPG

I am sure this will make an appearance at the chip convention and or a meetup or two. :)
Gear doesn't need to be a unicorn, if you want one this is where to find it.

My cousin is a lot like Gear, she manufactures to order.

  • It's an average of a 2 week turnaround from order to shipment from Canada if all suppliers meet their target timelines.
  • She uses a direct to film heat transfer, and doing the actual transferring herself.
  • T-Shirts and Crew Necks are what she has available.
  • She limits the apparel colour range available based on how good the design will look on it.
  • She will ship globally, if outside US/Canada PM me and I will get you in direct contact.
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