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Nov 7, 2014
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Port Coquitlam, B.C.
Hello everyone,

So a few of you may know, that yes I am a personal friend of @Gear. We have known each other for many years. But this post is TOTALLY unbiased. His quality and eye for detail is unmatched. I always knew the great work I would be getting from him, and honestly I didn't truly understand just HOW great of a quality product he has made available to all of us.

Yes you could go to other places for your poker chip labels. Yes it may be cheaper. But I highly doubt their labels are as good as Gear Labels. Let me show you the proof.

In Feb. I had asked for some labels for my drone so that when I took it to the U.K. I would have my Operator ID and Flyer ID on it, as required by the U.K. authorities. On Feb17th I went to fly my drone. Being a noob, I accidently flew the drone into a tree. It was unretrievable by me. I'm too old, too fat and too lazy to climb a 50 foot tree. I posted reward signs at the drone park and basically gave up hope. I got a call yesterday, that someone would have an 80' hoist in the area, and they would look for it. Today today I picked up the drone, and I wanted to share the label that @Gear made for me;

We have had a ton of rain and some snow. The temps have been between -6 and +9C. The label still looks new!

If this is what a weathered label looks like, image how long they will last on your chips???



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