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Praises for the progress and recovery status, and prayers for all that you are still dealing with. Hang in there! You are absolutely still here for a reason!
Thank you for sharing the update! So glad to hear that everyone is recovering. Life truly is a blessing. Enjoy each and every day!
I’m happy to hear things are looking up physically. I’ve been through two divorces. One was harder than the other, but they both left pretty good scars.

I wish the best to you in the coming months.
Mel, I hope you and your friends continue to heal both physically and mentally. I was in a much much less frightening accident, and it still effed me up for awhile, so I can't imagine what you've been or are going through, but I know you've got this!
So glad to hear that everyone is healing up, Mel. That news is great. I'm saddened to hear of the collateral damage, but eventually things will get better on that front too.

If you need anything, please reach out.
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Mel - so happy to hear of all the progress being made, and hope the changes you have decided to make in your life are all for the best for you. I and many others here will always be around if you need help with anything. Much love, Jim❤️❤️
So glad to hear you and your friends are healing physically.
Sorry to hear about your emotional issues and your marriage.
Hang in there !

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