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Oct 28, 2014
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Tampa FL

I know there are some Floridians on these boards, figured I'd hit you guys up. My boss is relocating our operations center to Tampa and we just gave our landlord notice and have to plan to move down in the beginning of March.

Not really too familiar with the area, here's what we're looking for:

- quiet, middle class area within 20-30 minute commute time of Tampa International Airport (we're in same-day logistics so the office will wind up close to there)
- 2 bed/2 bath/1 car garage
- budget to $1200/month but prefer 900-1100 range
- no ghettos!
- private home rental that accepts cats, not interested in apartments, condos or any other "communities" where hundreds of other people are right on top of you

Any specific city recommendations or areas within Tampa you'd recommend? From my research we're looking at:

St Petersburg

But definitely open to suggestions, kinda behind the 8-ball since I just found out today that he's moving us sooner than expected.

Also, been finding some really nice homes in our budget in the New Port Richey area, but the commute looks kinda rough.
You forget to mention preference to local game proximity

Lol, I know there are a number of poker room options in the Tampa area. Right now I live an hour and 15 minutes from the nearest casino so I'm sure this move will have me much closer. 30 minutes from nearest poker room would be ideal, but is a secondary consideration at this time.
I could give you advice if you were going to be a little further east, but k9dr and pltrgyst are the guys that you want to talk to.
If you like being closer to the beach, then go for St. Pete or Clearwater. However, it will be a longer and more time consuming commute to work from there. Brandon is a nice area - I used to live there - and a much shorter commute.
Don't care for the beaches, will continue looking in Brandon then, thanks K9dr!

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