May Be Moving To Northwest Texas (1 Viewer)

So after our virtual tour where once again the seller made sure to not include a variety of water issues affecting the house in the listing (but we saw them in the virtual tour at least) we started to become a bit frustrated.

This house looked really great from the pictures in the listing. But then in the kitchen she's like "oh, here's where the fridge leaked" and then there were two wet spots in the ceiling in different parts of the house because she didn't know you need to clean out your gutters. And then there was a huge wet spot in the ceiling that she said was from when the tub overflowed TWENTY YEARS AGO.

Good grief!

But then I started thinking and sat down with Jenn and had a conversation to figure our next steps out. When we moved from CT to FL we had never lived down here before. We wound up renting for a couple of years to get our feet wet and learn the area and see whether we wanted to stay.

I haven't had much luck finding homes close to poker rooms that met our criteria and while that hadn't been a primary focus, I'm thinking maybe we should make it one.

I REALLLY want to be able to play live at a place that embraces vlogging so I can bump up the appeal of my youtube channel. So now we're looking at rentals in the Austin and Houston area, as there is TONS of PLO action around those parts.

Plus, they seem to be a lot more green (i.e. the grass is actually green and watered, instead of the dried out crunchy stuff in west texas) which would be less depressing.

We could rent a house for a year and make sure it's somewhere we actually like living and make a decision after that, instead of being locked in. Plus the housing market is eventually going to tumble, so we might set ourselves up to take advantage of that when the time comes.

I'm actually getting more excited about the prospects of being able to play live in these clubs, get on a livestream, meet other vloggers, etc.

Highly recommended renting before buying. We waited a few years after we moved to buy and it was the best thing we did as where we ended up wasn't even on our radar for a couple of year.
We're doing a virtual tour tonight but we're getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on a place in the Austin area that will get me within a reasonable drive to The Lodge.

They have over 80 tables which is roughly twice what the Tampa Hard Rock has, they are supportive of vloggers since Brad Owen, Andrew Neme and Doug Polk are partners in the business, and their rake is reasonable ($200 for a yearly membership and $10 hourly fee). And the PLO action is supposed to be very good as well.

This would permit me to spruce up my vlog with live hands instead of just the online replays, which I think will help grow the channel. And the networking opportunities since I'll get to meet other successful vloggers is a bonus as well. Crossing my fingers we snag this rental house.

Plus it'll give the housing market time to correct and maybe in a year or two we snag a home.

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