Giveaway POST #2,500 - FULL HORSE (2 Viewers)

Here are our 12 Jockeys in the order they were chosen:

2. @RadicusScout
3. @EvilAndroid
4. @Sparkynutz
5. @Chanceman
6. @KHarp1
7. @legend672
8. @ChipRocker
9. @soccerdadof3
10. @buffalojim
11. @TheLemursReturn
12. @DZPoker

Stupid me screwed up and drew 12 Jockeys when it should have been 11. In fairness I will be eliminating #12 @DZPoker but sending him a consolation prize of his choice which I will share later.

Next we will be assigning these Jockeys to their Horses by drawing from a shuffled deck of 11 cards.

1st Draw is @4SUMERZ who gets


Horse #11
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4th Horse scratched is

View attachment 1280967

#9 @buffalojim

At first we thought your horse had a broken leg but it was actually staggering because he was drunk & hungover. Back to the stable to sleep it off. Shoot me your address in a PM for a Cesaers Palace chip
Hehe, no worries, I didn't feel like running today anyways. Good luck fellas, break a leg. Wait...
Well there's 30 minutes before the starting gun fires.

Place your bets!

I'll be rolling the dice and advancing that corresponding numbers horse 1 place until we have our winner.
The last two races I played #12 won on my track. I have 13 total instead of 2-12 so I may be doomed or on a hot streak as a sign.

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