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Feb 15, 2021
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Hello friends! I have a couple of sample sets ready for a new home. I prefer these go to n00bs to give them a nice way to get their hands on some samples but if you're a veteran and never had a chance to sample these, you're more than welcome to join in.

Drop a gif into the thread and consider yourself entered.

I'll do a randomizer around the beginning of next week and do some silly playoff to determine the winners. 2 winners will be selected. First place picks first, second place gets the sample set left over.

Good luck, have fun!

(Open to everyone - CONUS and International. Free shipping for CONUS winners. Int'l winners - I'll work with you on how we can make shipping work).

Apache Majestics

Tina Card Molds
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The game we'll play to determine first place is a game we play in our home game called "Peep Show". This game actually has many names but we'll keep it family friendly for now. We typically play this game to round up loose change at the end of the night and/or whenever we feel like we hate money and can't stand owning any of it.

The object of the game is to have the highest hand of the round. In this game, the highest hand is 5 aces. Yes, 5. Why? Because all number cards are wild. The only cards that aren't wild are the face cards - J, Q, K, and A.

To play this game, each player chooses a card from one of the 4 piles and flips it over. If it's one of the wild cards, they must declare what that card is right away. That card is then considered "locked" - meaning that value cannot be changed. So, if Player A picks from a pile and draws a 2, she will naturally declare it an Ace because 5 Aces is the best hand of the game. The play then continues to the next player who will also choose a card and declare its value - assuming it's a wild card.

The strategy (if you consider it as such) is to avoid any face cards. If you draw a face card as your first pick (a J, for example), you can try to make a run for all 5 Jacks in hopes your opponents ruin their 5 of a kind. I've seen this happen more than I care to remember. Or you can fold - but who wants to do that?!

In case of a tie - any player with more natural Aces will win the tiebreaker. If there still is a tie, highest card wins. If there still is a tie... flip them tables because I've yet to experience that.

Ok, I hope I've explained this game properly. Let's get this game going!


(I asked each player to choose a sequence of cards they'll choose before the contest so I'll pick from their respective piles)


My daughter insisted we use her squishmellows to represent the players. Y'all should feel lucky!
@Danny_Banana is clearly sandbagging here as he pulls out a natural Ace. What a move! @bmacpoker remains steadfast and pulls out an Ace. There are a lot of face cards in these piles, he reminds himself.

A rowdy contingent of the crowd wants more shenanigans and is shouting loudly, "JACK, JACK, JACK"!!!

@Danny_Banana seems unfazed by the frenzy and calmly selects yet another wild card. Is he actually a regular in @RadicusScout's home game? No! He's a damn natural and it's freaking the crowd out. @bmacpoker isn't to be denied, however. He knows anything can happen (and usually does in this foul game) and confidently selects another wild card.

The crowd is furious no other face cards have been selected and have resorted to throwing food, chairs, other spectators all over the ring. The commissioner was spotted leaving ringside with his bodyguards. It's pandemonium.

In a true act of showmanship and cockiness, @Danny_Banana selects a JACK and proudly displays it to the frothing crowd. @bmacpoker realizes he needs a natural Ace to force a tie but selects a wild card instead.

@Danny_Banana defeats @bmacpoker with both players with 4 Aces with J kicker. Danny's hand has a natural Ace so he wins the tiebreaker. Great game you two!

The crowd, just elated by the fact they actually called down a face card, rushes the ring in blind joy.

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