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Apr 7, 2023
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I made this set 8 years ago when my first daughter was born and never took them out of box. I used her name with a bellagio B logo and Paulson inspiration. Super happy with the set except for the $1k denominations but have a few more sets to make for my other 2 girls. I wanted to go with a cool yellow 1k chip but don’t think i can be to disappointed they feel amazing now i finally cracked the box open.

Very nice! I'm doing something very similar for my daughter.
Awesome thanks. What type of oil do you use and what is the process. I will juice them up thanks
Mineral Oil
Lightly wipe the edges with a cloth that has a few drops on it.
Wipe the faces if you feel they need it.
A little goes a LONG way.
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Are there cracks in the $100's pictured in the OP ? the edges appear to have cracks....

nice set though, 3 kids sheesh that is a lot of custom poker sets.
Wait, you oil new chips? That’s interesting. What does it do?

Nice set of chips!!
Wait, you oil new chips? That’s interesting. What does it do?

Nice set of chips!!
The edges of new CPCs are particularly dry and dusty. A very small amount if mineral oil just on the edges makes the colors come alive. The faces don’t need it, just a wipe with a very damp cloth gets off the new-chip dust.
I had to get cards for them so got Kem arrow jumbo poker, modiano jumbo poker , and just ordered faded spade jumbo poker and also one 4 colour deck.
Okay here it goes didn’t see any cracks in any of them which is good View attachment 1123111

View attachment 1123113

View attachment 1123114

500 chips and they gave me 30 extra $1000 denom and about 25 extra of all the denom.

I oiled them all in a salad spinner after the wash and let them sit for 24hr.
I would be careful about getting any oil on the face of the chips by submerging in a water/oil, the inlays are paper covered in plastic and are more prone to oil creeping under the inlay than Paulsons are. Oil under the inlay leaves a permanent stain
I used a tiny amount but maybe next time will just do the edges with a cloth . Didn’t see any stains on face so maybe lucky.
We got married in Vegas on 11/11/11 and stayed at Bellagio so i wanted the B on the design. Honestly I didn’t even known there was a B inlay haha . My other 2 girls have names with a B so will forsure make the inlay with a B on next set.
Must feel like Christmas unboxing those for the first time after 8 years... I like that $1k chips. Handsome set!
Really nice...congrats! I like your color choices and edge spots. I am an H Mold fan but that mold does go great with your inlay. The first custom set you design is SO exciting!!!

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