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Jul 8, 2023
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Opelika AL USA
Let's do this! Hey everyone! My name is Bryant. I'm in the Opelika/Auburn Alabama area (Lee County). I am working towards starting a home game and eventually a robust poker club here in Lee county Alabama. I will be using this thread to document this journey. I'm going to start by sharing my personal poker story. I fell in love with poker in the early 2000s watching it on TV. I remember seeing MoneyMaker's big win. I started playing NL Texas Holdem online with play chips and really enjoyed it. I played for several years learning the game without ever putting any money on the line. I was raised in a very conservative Christian home and had a healthy fear of gambling addiction. I also was trying to support a family of 6 on just my income so I couldn't afford to risk money. One day I decided to put $50 in and see what happened. In about 3 hours I ran that $50 up to $1100! I started slipping back down and at $900 I decided to quit while I was ahead. I cashed out and used that money to pay down some bills. I never put another dollar in a poker website after that, even up to this day. I always felt that playing for real money online was far riskier than in person because it was harder to get a good read on an opponent. It kinda just becomes a numbers game online which is far less interesting or exciting to me. Not long after that I got bored with online play chip poker. After that amazing cash win, play chip poker completely lost it's appeal. For many years after that I told my friends the story of how I played that one time and quit while I was ahead. 15 years later around 2020, my 19 year marriage had ended and 4 of my 5 kids were nearly grown. I still enjoyed watching poker online but I hadn't played hardly since that last/first win. I was living with a room mate who I learned, liked to play poker. Unfortunately, he also had a pretty bad alcohol problem. I quickly realized he was a pretty good poker player when sober but he was rarely sober! He also had plenty of disposable money. I tried not to take advantage of him but he insisted on playing regularly and I regularly won against him heads up. I started out keeping track of my wins and losses but after I got up on him several hundred dollars I lost track and didn't care. I'd be embarrassed to know how much I actually won from him heads up. We both had a lot of fun though. Eventually, he moved and I didn't have any way to play again. We are still good friends and love reminiscing about those late nights at the kitchen table. Early 2023 I randomly connected with a local poker community and was able to start playing again. This was the first time I had sat down at a real poker table to play "real" poker. It was awesome. These guys were far more experienced than me. I loved the challenge and became obsessed with learning as much as I could about poker. I started studying poker seriously for the first time. I still could not afford to just be lighting money on fire every month so I tracked my bank roll meticulously. I struggled to just stay even for a while but eventually my bank roll started growing. To date my largest win in a single evening of poker is $794 profit but that was an exception. I mostly play smaller stakes with less than $100 in front of me. I'm well up in to the thousands now on my bank roll and have decided to reinvest some of it in to hosting my own game. I came here researching chips and everything poker. I've ordered some chips and cards. I bought a small used folding poker table of FB market place. I'll be sharing pics and updates here as I go. In the mean time, I'm going to do a small photo dump now sharing some of my wins this year. These pics represent some awesome memories! Enjoy the chip porn!

20230701_003429 (1).jpg
Progress Update!
Here is my starter table. I got it off Facebook Marketplace for $100. I bought it from a local guy I had never met who was upgrading. I'm hopefully gonna be playing with him and his group soon! It has been well taken care of and is in very good shape but it's clearly a entry level table. I think it will fit 8 comfortably. I still need to source some folding chairs. More updates incoming!

Progress Update!
I got some sample sets! These are Milano, Tiki King, and Scroll chips as I'm sure most of you know. I really like all three. I went with Milanos for my first cash set. I went with Mint for my first tournament set. Unfortunately, the Mint sample sets were out of stock. If I had been able to get a sample set first, I might not have gone with the Mints. The Milanos are much better. The Mints have these sharp edges which makes them feel cheap and poor quality. I do love the Mint colors though. The Mints did not have that chalky look like the Milanos. I did not think the Mints needed any cleaning or oiling. I am going to be oiling Milanos every evening for a while lol! I also got 25 of those Chipco racks from Apache. They hold 20 chip barrels perfectly with both Milano and Mint chips. I have a feeling the Mints will be the first chips I upgrade in the future.

Progress Update!
So this is my first cash set. They are Milanos as I'm sure most of you know. I'm realizing now that I bought way to many chips for a cash set! Now I have to clean and oil all 1400 of them. And I just realized I have another 100 $.25 chips on the way lol! 1500 chips for a cash set isn't excessive is it??? I like these Milanos so much, I'm toying with the idea of expanding the set in to all the denominations and using $.25. $.50, $1, $5, $10, $25, exclusively for cash and the $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, exclusively for tournaments. Cash games usually sprout up after tournaments and I know I don't want tournament chips getting mixed in with cash game chips. If everyone knows they are segregated by denomination, that would work right? Any input is welcome. These Milanos look so good after they are cleaned and oiled! I have only done one rack of $.25s so far. Can't wait to get em all done. I'll post more pics after they are all done.

Use the 25c, $1, $5, and $25 denominations for the cash set, and use the $100, $500, $1000, and $5000 denominations for the tourney set (T100-base, T20k stacks).

Sell the 50c, $10, $50, and $10000 chips -- you really don't need them in either set, and using them will likely just mess up the gameplay.

You can keep and use the 50c chips if spreading a 50c/$1 game, but don't use both 25c and 50c chips in the same game.

Same for the $50 chips, if starting tournaments with 50/100 blinds.
Welcome to PCF! But sad to see you broke the cardinal rule. You bought chips too soon. Should have spent at least a month on here reading, learning and conversing with others. And getting more samples. Don't worry, a lot of us make that same mistake. I wish I could have back all the money I spent on budget chips in year 1 on here, then go back and get 2-3 really nice clay sets. I have those nicer sets now, but I also have a closet full of thousands of chips that I may never be able to sell at anywhere close to what I paid. Oh well, I guess that's the nature of hobbies...

Anyway, I'm following your journey, as I too and planning on putting together a local club and regular games in the next few months. Wish you all the luck!
Progress Update!
This is my first Tournament Set! They are Claysmith Mint chips. I have 200 of the $25s, $100s, $500s and $1000s. I have 100 of the $5,000s and $10,000s. I love the bold colors! The edges are a little rough and they don't have nearly as good a "feel" and my Milano cash set but I gotta start somewhere! I've played with far worse and far better.
With 20K starting stacks, a 2500 bonus for correct change/on time, and one rebuy per player, I have enough for a 3 table, 24 person tournament. I bought these tubes and caps off Uline and the number disc off Amazon. Thanks to everyone here that shared links to those. I am copying Chris Manzoni on Youtube for my starting stack and blind progression structure.
Still waiting for my Copags and Versa cases to arrive. I also need to get some chairs. I still have a ton of oiling to do on my Milanos. I'm glad the Mints didn't need any oiling! I've been talking up potential players and have a growing list of interested people. More updates to come! Thanks for all the input!


I picked up some more sample sets plus some old vintage chips. I really like the Paulson Jumers and Indiana Grand chips but they don't have the fracks I need for cash and they don't have the higher denominations I prefer for tournaments. Other than that, I love em! The Elks Lodge chips are pretty sweat. Maybe I'll build something around them. I made a post about them already in The Collector's Corner. I've got more chips on the way still. I gotta slow down lol!
I finally finished oiling my Milano cash set. I think I bought way more chips than I will need. 1500 is a lot. I think 1000 would of been more reasonable. I could of skipped the $10s and bought less $100s and $25s. Oh well, I'll have plenty! I love how they look and feel after oiling. They are not my dream set but I'm very happy with them for what I paid.
My Versa cases and Copags came in. I have two 1000 chip cases and one 600 chip case. I can grab one case for cash and one case for tournaments and have all the chips I need for either one. I have 15 starting stack tubes in my tournament case plus two racks under the tubes for bonuses and rebuys. If the tournament is maxed out at 24 players over three tables, I can bring nine more starting stack tubes in my 600 chip case. I really like these Versa cases.
I really like the Paulson Jumers and Indiana Grand chips but they don't have the fracks I need for cash
There's a few options / solutions for that

(1) Doing relabel on another chip as fracs
(2) Use NCV chip (Example starburst) as fracs
(3) Using Snapper ($2,50) as 25c, most people dont mind the slight difference for one denom

they don't have the higher denominations I prefer for tournaments
Only T5 is possible for Jumpers but High Denom is avaiable for IG, they just going to cost a LOT of money
Huge thank you to @Chipnut for selling me these custom Sunfly Polyinno chips! Auburn is next door to my home town, Opelika. Both are in Lee county. These chips are beautiful and will be perfect for small cash games. They are 43mm chips. They include $.25 orange fracs and non-denomination purples. Can't wait to play with these!
Huge thank you to @Chipnut for selling me these custom Sunfly Polyinno chips! Auburn is next door to my home town, Opelika. Both are in Lee county. These chips are beautiful and will be perfect for small cash games. They are 43mm chips. They include $.25 orange fracs and non-denomination purples. Can't wait to play with these!
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Hey. Those look familiar!
Last night was crazy. I think I may have played one of the best sessions I've ever played against some of the best poker players I've ever played with. Started out with $100 in a $1/$2 NL home game. The first two hours sucked. I went all the way down to $24 but never busted. From $24 I fought all the way up to $631 by the last hand. This is my third winning session in a row over the past two weeks putting me up $1325 in that time. It's so nice to win big and not have all your poker friends accuse you of cheating and ban you. Finally hosting my first poker night this coming friday. Can't wait!


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