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Nov 5, 2014
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Here is an idea I am thinking about putting into action on ceramics. I am a total nooob on using any image software so was just trying to get the idea out so I could have someone do a really nice job of the artwork.

I loved The Kentucky Bourbon trail and Bourbon is now my favorite drink. Well behind Stouts and Porters. Please take a look at the idea and give me your opinions on color, maybe a edge spot of some sort.

Inspiration for the chip was the royal yaks I have. But, when putting them in play noticed that the guys couldn't read the denomination so the larger denom in the center would be required I think.

Thanks for all suggestions and input.

You may find it difficult to get these made because of the obvious trademark infringements. Most chip manufacturers are sensitive to such issues these days...
I think you will need to change some of the colors as the $5 and $20 will be pretty hard to distinguish. Perhaps make the $20 yellow?
I understand the trademark but should be able to do something. Maybe just the name without the logo?

I will look at the colors. Thanks for the suggestions. What about a lighter red?

A lighter red may clash with the orange 25c. It depends what the light is like where you play; that's why I suggested changing one to a different color altogether.
Nice start, I really like the concept it is worth continuing to see where it goes. I agree with comments here colors need to be tweaked a little but that can be done as the designs get closer to completion and yea use cent sign over $.
White (or light blue) text on the Blue ring.

Also prefer the 25¢ over $.25. If your players had trouble reading Royal Yak denoms, they'll never see that decimal.

4 color set? Stick with Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black or White. No 2 chips should use the same color, but you can use some slight offshoots (purple instead of blue, brown instead of red, etc.) as long as the 2 offshoot don't come too close together on the color wheel.

Trademark infringement. 'Nuff said.
Thanks p5 and zombie. I will change the $ to the cent sign. I also get the patent infringement but wanted the idea out there. So thought I have is a picture of the facility with the denomination on top. Or maybe the Jim beam word on top and bottom with pictures of corn, wheat, and barley with the denim on top. This is getting out of my ability but will try to mock it up.

Changing brown to yellow and blue writing to light blue writing instead of black
Update to Idea Check

Here is a second attempt. Trying to stay away from that pesky trademark infringement. Not in love with those as much. Maybe a bottle of each with some glasses around would get me away from the trademark issue?? Any suggestions there?

These have the ingredients needed to make Bourbon.

Living 20 miles from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail I also have thought of a bourbon themed chip set. I think you need to get rid of the other stuff and go with just the barrels. Like where this is going.
Living 20 miles from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail I also have thought of a bourbon themed chip set. I think you need to get rid of the other stuff and go with just the barrels. Like where this is going.

This is looking good. If you want variety with the images, maybe a bottle or bottle/glass combination from somewhere like As for colour, as long as there's enough difference between the orange, red, and yellow, it'll be fine (the Yak colours work well in that regard). It's a must in this set, though, since there are no edge spots to help out the colour-challenged.

The denoms on the Yaks are on the small side, and I've caught a few people squinting to read the denom, so I get that. My next set will also have a larger denom in the centre.
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Thanks parrotheadmz and cdnbeerlover. I agree one picture after posting and zombies comment people may not know what the pics are. Thanks for the images am going to grab a couple and see what they look like
Another Try

Ok. I am getting to the very edge of my abilities within my photo editing app. I think this might do the trick with taking in the other suggestions here. I have set up the photos taken for 2 of the chips and pulled the others from the CDNBeerlover web site suggestion. Let me know what you think. Might be time to look for an expert to finish this idea off.

I would recommend seeking out assistance from one of the many talented designers here. I completely understand wanting to do this all yourself but I cannot count the number of threads that take the following path:

OP posts thread with their own artwork and mock-ups
Feedback given
Updates made
Feedback given
Updates made
The masses recommend hiring a designer
OP follows this advice and designer hits a home run
End product is fantastic and OP wishes they would have done this from the get go

Good luck with the process. Looking forward to seeing the finished product regardless.
Thanks Links. Yeah just wanted to get the idea going but, time to hire someone. It was fun while it lasted. I was never going to finish this on my own.
New Design

Ok. I took the advice and found a professional. P5Woody is amazing. Went from my idea and below average design to this great artwork. Let me know what you all think.

Thanks P5Woodymockup9 copy.jpg
Looks nice! How about the "inlay" little bit smaller and give the outer color bit more space?
maybe then enough space to add a little something (text) there or add something into the four halfround corners? Red and brown still might be too close. 25c grey and 20$ yellow?
testing out a few colors, alternate 25¢ in grey and $20 in yellow or a darker brown?
Nice work. Personally I would get rid of the bottles as they are too small and might not look right as a final product, also the barrels would look great by themselves.

Yellow $20 is great but not a fan of the grey 25¢ isn't doing much. Maybe light pink or light brown?
Grey (or green) frac, Yellow $20.

Have you thought about different images on each chip?
  • Shot glass frac
  • Full drink single (I'm thinking a manhattan, but on the rocks would also work.
  • Bottle redbird
  • Barrel 20.

Just spit-ballin' here. I will forever wonder how nice my chips would have turned out if I let P5 do the design - but I could never let go of the reigns :(.
gray frac and yellow 20. Also, print some full size images to ensure your denomination is large enough. Make sure your players don't have difficulty distinguishing it. I have one player in my game that has a tremendous difficulty distinguishing colors and needs the denoms to really pop.

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