Guess My Vanity Plate And Win Chips!

Anthony Martino

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Sep 26, 2015
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Tampa, FL
Giveaway is over, corre t guess was KN1SH

***************YOU ARE PERMITTED ONE GUESS PER CALENDAR DAY************************

Today was my first time purchasing a specialty plate for my new 2019 Maxima SR that I recently had blacked out and in honor of this momentous (for me) occasion, I'd like to run a little giveaway.


Guess the EXACT combination of letters/numbers/symbols I've selected for my plate and you'll win:

A $100 Vineyard Casino oversized chip!


But wait, there's more! You can also guess the plate style I selected along with it. Guess that along with the correct license number/name and you'll win a Limited Edition 2019 $5 Hard Rock Tampa chip (they just recently renovated and put the 24K gold plated piano from Elvis on showcase and included it in the chip).

To view the available plate styles in the state of Florida please view here:

If you can't open that you could try this page:



Giveaway ends Monday Nov 4, 2019 at 9pm EST


  • Your guess needs to include the letter/number/symbol combo you believe I selected as well as the plate style in order to be eligible for both prizes
  • In the event no one guesses correctly the winner will either be chosen based on coming closest to the correct answer or via random drawing
  • If winner is selected by random drawing they will win only the $100 Vineyard chip and the $5 Hard Rock chip will be awarded randomly to one of the correct guesses for the plate style
  • Will ship to winner worldwide free of charge

Please note the photo of my car shows the current plate, NOT the vanity plate, which was just ordered today and could take up to 2 months to arrive.

HINTS (provided periodically if no one has arrived at the correct answer)

HINT #1 - There are different plate types that can accommodate different numbers of characters (5, 6 or 7). The one I chose does NOT allow up to 7 characters (i.e. it will be 6 characters or less on my plate)

HINT #2 - The plate combination I selected is 5 characters long, made up of four letters and one number and is poker-related

HINT #3 - What is written on my vanity plate is from a poker movie AND the plate I chose has nothing to do with fishing, saving the sea, protecting whales, AND can only fit 5 characters on it



***************YOU ARE PERMITTED ONE GUESS PER CALENDAR DAY************************
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