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Apr 25, 2013
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Everyone knows that we build custom poker tables right? The keyword being.... custom.

I've got no problem building design A, B and C with some tweaks here and there, but I also really enjoy a challenge. If anyone's looking for something really custom, don't hesitate to throw it my way and see what we can come up with.

I don't specifically offer the service, but I can also do engravings and inlays into dining table covers for those who are so bold. I've been waiting for the request but haven't got any yet. I might have to try one for myself and a prototype. We've been playing around with a lot more LED lights, Epoxy, acrylics and laminates.

A few times we've had customers send me photos of dining table legs and we've duplicated them with slight modifications because we'll build just about anything.

The craziest customization so far has been a customer who asked for a solid brass plate in the middle of the poker table. It's an incredibly non-functional accent to the table, which I would never want to play on due to how disruptive it must be, but the customer gets what the customer wants.

That's a solid 1/4" brass plate that was waterjet cut into his company logo and inserted into the middle of the table.
2019-07-04 15.49.15_1024x768.jpg

Building this 5 sided "Mayo" leg for a decagon table was also very unique and posed many challenges.


They say "If you build it, they will come". We built a boomerang base prototype once and it's now our most popular leg style, but with current workloads, we don't really have time for new creative designs to come up with. Send me your ideas! Let's make it happen.

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