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Sure, but someone does, right? When that someone pays her, how do those payments take place? Is PayPal an option? She's in China I believe, so I imagine payment logistics might be non-trivial.
They send you a link to pay through an Alibaba portal. It was easy both times I've done it. As far as your initial question, I think I ended up paying ~.47/chip for the first batch, but that included air freight (does not include very modest art fees for the designer I used). The second time was a few cents less/chip.

You can read about my adventures here:
I used PayPal when I ordered directly from Tina a few years ago. There was an additional small fee for that payment method, but it was worth it to me to use a method I was comfortable with.

Any chips I'd order from Tina now, I'd 100% do through @justincarothers. Much less hassle.
Agreed. If or actually probably when I order these I will go thru Justin who has been thru the process many many times. Ads a layer of protection imo of getting EXACTLY what you want. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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